Selected Publications

Academic Article

Year Title Altmetric
2019 Do older adults with Alzheimer's disease engage in estate planning and advance care planning preparation? 2019
2019 Refining the metamemory in adulthood questionnaire: a 20-item version of change and capacity designed for research and clinical settings 2019
2018 Memory training for adults with probable mild cognitive impairment: a pilot study. 2018
2018 Individual differences in math anxiety and math self-concept promote forgetting in a directed forgetting paradigm 2018
2018 The Relation Between White Matter Microstructure and Network Complexity: Implications for Processing Efficiency 2018
2017 Mindcontrol: A web application for brain segmentation quality control. 2017
2017 Beta-amyloid and Cortical Thickness Reveal Racial Disparities in Preclinical Alzheimer's Disease. 2017
2016 Discrepancies between fluid and crystallized ability in healthy adults: a behavioral marker of preclinical Alzheimer's disease 2016
2016 Cortical amyloid burden and age moderate hippocampal activity in cognitively-normal adults. 2016
2016 The Busier the Better: Greater Busyness Is Associated with Better Cognition. 2016
2015 Retrieval monitoring is influenced by information value: the interplay between importance and confidence on false memory. 2015
2015 The Synapse Project: Engagement in mentally challenging activities enhances neural efficiency. 2015
2014 Memory's aging echo: age-related decline in neural reactivation of perceptual details during recollection. 2014
2014 Network complexity as a measure of information processing across resting-state networks: evidence from the Human Connectome Project. 2014
2013 False memory and importance: can we prioritize encoding without consequence? 2013
2013 Impaired retrieval monitoring for past and future autobiographical events in older adults. 2013
2013 Age-related differences in prefrontal cortex activity during retrieval monitoring: testing the compensation and dysfunction accounts. 2013
2013 The Dynamic Aging Mind: Revelations From Functional Neuroimaging Research. 2013
2012 Illusory expectations can affect retrieval-monitoring accuracy. 2012
2011 Age-related positivity effects and autobiographical memory detail: evidence from a past/future source memory task. 2011
2010 Dissociating source memory decisions in the prefrontal cortex: fMRI of diagnostic and disqualifying monitoring. 2010
2010 Separating past and future autobiographical events in memory: evidence for a reality monitoring asymmetry. 2010
2008 Autobiographical elaboration reduces memory distortion: cognitive operations and the distinctiveness heuristic. 2008

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  • Doctor of Psychology, University of Chicago 2011
  • Master of Psychology, University of Chicago 2008
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  • Ian McDonough