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2015 A simple analytical model of coupled single flow channel over porous electrode in vanadium redox flow battery with serpentine flow channelJournal of Power Sources.  288:308-313. 2015
2014 Flow distribution and maximum current density studies in redox flow batteries with a single passage of the serpentine flow channelJournal of Power Sources.  270:646-657. 2014
2013 Sensing and energy harvesting of fluidic flow by InAs nanowires.Nano Letters.  13:3953-3957. 2013
2012 Stability of liquid bridges between coaxial equidimensional disks to axisymmetric finite perturbations: A reviewMicrogravity Science and Technology.  24:65-77. 2012
2010 Modelling of phase separation in binary fluid under vibration with LBMInternational Journal of Modelling, Identification and Control.  9:65-70. 2010
2007 Thermal vibrational convection in a two-phase stratified liquidComptes Rendus- Academie des Sciences Paris Serie 2b Mecanique.  335:304-314. 2007
2006 The stability of two connected drops suspended from the edges of circular holesJournal of Fluid Mechanics.  563:319-355. 2006
2006 Capillary pressure of a liquid in a layer of close-packed uniform spheresPhysics of Fluids.  18. 2006
2006 Analysis of single droplet dynamics on striped surface domains using a lattice Boltzmann methodMicrofluidics and Nanofluidics.  2:309-326. 2006
2006 Application of the lattice Boltzmann method to two-phase Rayleigh-Benard convection with a deformable interfaceJournal of Computational Physics.  212:473-489. 2006
2005 Physical and hydraulic properties of baked ceramic aggregates used for plant growth medium.Journal of the American Society for Horticultural Science.  130:767-774. 2005
2005 Morphological stability of a solid-liquid interface and cellular growth: Insights from thermoelectric measurements in microgravity experimentsJournal of Crystal Growth.  279:195-205. 2005
2005 Contamination of microgravity liquid diffusivity measurements by void-generated thermocapillary convectionJournal of Crystal Growth.  276:621-634. 2005
2004 Effects of void-induced convection on interface morphology and segregation during low-g solidificationInternational Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer.  47:5129-5137. 2004
2004 A Review of the Stability of Disconnected Equilibrium Capillary SurfacesMicrogravity Science and Technology.  15:3-21. 2004
2003 Stability diagrams for disconnected capillary surfacesPhysics of Fluids.  15:3532-3545. 2003
2003 On the stability of double bubbles and double drops.Journal of Colloid and Interface Science.  262:212-220. 2003
2003 Hybrid Reynolds-averaged Navier-Stokes/large-eddy simulations of supersonic turbulent mixingAIAA Journal.  41:218-229. 2003
2002 Mass and thermal diffusivity algorithms: reduced algorithms for mass and thermal diffusivity determinations.Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences.  974:146-156. 2002
2002 Draining intraperitoneal gas after laparoscopy.Anaesthesia.  57:618-619. 2002
2002 Convective Effects During Diffusivity Measurements in Liquids with an Applied Magnetic FieldInternational Journal of Thermophysics.  23:649-666. 2002
2002 Stability of connected cylindrical liquid bridges.Physical Review E.  65:026306. 2002
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2001 Going with the flow: Microgravity fluid physicsAerospace America.  39:20-22. 2001
2001 A perturbation analysis of the stability of long liquid bridges between almost circular supporting disksPhysics of Fluids.  13:2724-2727. 2001
2001 Composition variations induced by g-jitter in Bridgman growth of Sn-Bi alloys in microgravityJournal of Crystal Growth.  226:543-554. 2001
2001 Some aspects of the fluid flow in a porous media in the microgravity conditions for the space plant production systems.Magnetic Resonance Imaging.  19:593. 2001
2000 Stability of disconnected free surfaces in a cylindrical container under zero gravity: Simple casesPhysics of Fluids.  12:2800-2808. 2000
2000 Dynamics of Layer Growth in Protein Crystallization.Chemical Reviews.  100:2061-2090. 2000
2000 Investigation of vibrational control of convective flows in Bridgman melt growth configurationsJournal of Crystal Growth.  211:34-42. 2000
2000 Collapse dynamics of liquid bridges investigated by time-varying magnetic levitationPhysical Review Letters.  84:338-341. 2000
2000 Experimental confirmation of the insensitivity of mass diffusion measurements to blockages and voids along the diffusion pathReview of Scientific Instruments.  71:4497-4501. 2000
2000 On the stability limits of long nonaxisymmetric cylindrical liquid bridgesPhysics of Fluids.  12:979-985. 2000
1999 Contactless directional crystallizationJournal of Crystal Growth.  207:127-137. 1999
1999 Shape and stability of doubly connected axisymmetric free surfaces in a cylindrical containerPhysics of Fluids.  11:3668-3677. 1999
1998 Modeling g-sensitivity of low-gravity experimentsMicrogravity Science and Technology.  11:90-95. 1998
1998 Combined effect of disk inequality and axial gravity on axisymmetric liquid bridge stabilityPhysics of Fluids.  10:2473-2488. 1998
1998 On the Boussinesq approximation for fluid systems with deformable interfacesAdvances in Space Research.  22:1159-1168. 1998
1997 A rationale system-dependent advantages and disadvantages of solution crystal growth at low gravityMicrogravity Science and Technology.  10:29-35. 1997
1997 g-Jitter effects on segregation during directional solidification of tin-bismuth in the MEPHISTO furnace facilityJournal of Crystal Growth.  178:657-661. 1997
1997 An inverse finite element method for pure and binary solidification problemsJournal of Computational Physics.  130:243-255. 1997
1997 Bifurcation of the equilibrium states of a weightless liquid bridgePhysics of Fluids.  9:1893-1905. 1997
1997 Chaotic thermovibrational flow in a laterally heated cavityPhysical review. E, Statistical physics, plasmas, fluids, and related interdisciplinary topics.  56:4152-4156. 1997
1997 Modified diffusion-limited aggregation simulation of electrodeposition in two dimensionsPhysical review. E, Statistical physics, plasmas, fluids, and related interdisciplinary topics.  56:4317-4327. 1997
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1995 Venting force contributions - quasi-steady acceleration on STS-50Microgravity Science and Technology.  7:293-298. 1995
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1994 Residual gravity jitter effects on fluid processMicrogravity Science and Technology.  7:131-136. 1994
1994 A Chebyshev collocation method for moving boundaries, heat transfer, and convection during directional solidificationInternational Journal of Numerical Methods for Heat and Fluid Flow.  4:115-129. 1994
1993 General discussionFaraday Discussions.  95:145-172. 1993
1993 Monte Carlo studies of the interdependence of crystal growth morphology, surface kinetics and bulk transportFaraday Discussions.  95:85-95. 1993
1993 Detailed analysis of Honeywell In-Space Accelerometer data - STS-32Microgravity Science and Technology.  6:28-33. 1993
1993 A residual acceleration data analysis and management systemAdvances in Space Research.  13:261-265. 1993
1992 Microscopic-growth morphologies in binary systems.Physical Review A.  45:R571-R574. 1992
1992 Convection in an asymmetrically heated cylinderInternational Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer.  35:2119-2130. 1992
1992 Effects of buoyancy-driven flow and thermal boundary conditions on physical vapor transportJournal of Crystal Growth.  118:49-59. 1992
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1990 Modelling the solution growth of TGS crystals in low gravityJournal of Crystal Growth.  104:218-232. 1990
1990 Epidural and intravenous infusions of diamorphineEuropean Journal of Anaesthesiology.  7:309-315. 1990
1990 Growth morphology with anisotropic surface kineticsJournal of Crystal Growth.  100:313-329. 1990
1990 Sensitivity of liquid bridges subject to axial residual accelerationPhysics of fluids. A, Fluid dynamics.  2:1966-1974. 1990
1989 Fluid flow in solidifying monotectic alloysMetallurgical and Materials Transactions A.  20:2517-2527. 1989
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1989 Morphological evolution of crystals growing in the presence of a uniform drift: A Monte Carlo simulation.Physical review. A, General physics.  39:6397-6401. 1989
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1988 Morphological evolution of growing crystals: A Monte Carlo simulation.Physical review. A, General physics.  38:2447-2456. 1988
1986 The effect of latent heat on weakly non-linear morphological stabilityJournal of Crystal Growth.  79:849-865. 1986
1986 Interfacial conditions for thermomechanical equilibrium in two-phase crystalsJournal of Applied Physics.  59:2735-2746. 1986
1985 Thermomechanical equilibrium in solid-fluid systems with curved interfacesJournal of Applied Physics.  58:816-824. 1985
1981 A Newtonian fluid model of the onset of plane folding in a single rock layer with surface tension effectsMathematical modelling.  2:319-348. 1981

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