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2020 Peripheral CD4 T follicular cells induced by a conjugated pneumococcal vaccine correlate with enhanced opsonophagocytic antibody responses in younger individualsVaccine.  38:1778-1786. 2020
2020 Use of FEF25–75% to Guide IgG Dosing to Protect Pulmonary Function in CVIDJournal of Clinical Immunology.  40:310-320. 2020
2019 Disruption of the preB Cell Receptor Complex Leads to Decreased Bone MassFrontiers in Immunology.  10. 2019
2019 A role for maternal IgG in protecting infants from allergen-specific IgE sensitizationJournal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology.  144:410-412. 2019
2019 The Many Gaps in Our Knowledge of the Etiology, Pathogenesis, Complications, and Prognosis of Hypogammaglobulinemia and Common Variable Immune DeficiencyJournal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology: In Practice.  7:1285-1286. 2019
2018 A previously unrecognized 22q13.2 microdeletion syndrome that encompasses TCF20 and TNFRSF13C 2018
2018 Mixing the Old with the New: Drug Repurposing for Immune Deficiency in the Era of Precision Medicine and Pediatric GenomicsJournal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology: In Practice.  6:2168-2169. 2018
2018 The sequences encoded by immunoglobulin diversity (D H ) gene segments play key roles in controlling B-cell development, antigen-binding site diversity, and antibody productionImmunological Reviews.  284:106-119. 2018
2018 Absorbance summation: A novel approach for analyzing high-throughput ELISA data in the absence of a standardPLoS ONE.  13. 2018
2018 In the absence of central pre-B cell receptor selection, peripheral selection attempts to optimize the antibody repertoire by enriching for CDR-H3 Y101Frontiers in Immunology.  9. 2018
2017 Alterations in B cell development, CDR-H3 repertoire and dsDNA-binding antibody production among C57BL/6 ΔD−iD mice congenic for the lupus susceptibility loci sle1, sle2 or sle3Autoimmunity.  50:42-51. 2017
2016 Killer cell immunoglobulin-like receptors are associated with common variable immune deficiency pathogenesisJournal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology.  138:1495-1498. 2016
2016 The global self-reactivity profile of the natural antibody repertoire is largely independent of germline DH sequenceFrontiers in Immunology.  7. 2016
2016 VpreB serves as an invariant surrogate antigen for selecting immunoglobulin antigen-binding sites.Science Immunology.  1:aaf6628. 2016
2016 HIV-1 gp140 epitope recognition is influenced by immunoglobulin DH gene segment sequenceImmunogenetics.  68:145-155. 2016
2016 The Extended Clinical Phenotype of 26 Patients with Chronic Mucocutaneous Candidiasis due to Gain-of-Function Mutations in STAT1Journal of Clinical Immunology.  36:73-84. 2016
2016 VpreB serves as an invariant surrogate antigen for selecting immunoglobulin antigen-binding sitesScience Immunology.  1. 2016
2015 The role of evolutionarily conserved germ-line DH sequence in B-1 cell development and natural antibody productionAnnals of the New York Academy of Sciences.  1362:48-56. 2015
2015 Violation of an evolutionarily conserved immunoglobulin diversity gene sequence preference promotes production of dsDNA-specific IgG antibodiesPLoS ONE.  10. 2015
2015 The evolution and development of the antibody repertoireFrontiers in Immunology.  6. 2015
2014 Clonal progression during the T cell-dependent B cell antibody response depends on the immunoglobulin DH gene segment repertoireFrontiers in Immunology.  5. 2014
2014 Differences in the composition of the human antibody repertoire by b cell subsets in the bloodFrontiers in Immunology.  5. 2014
2013 Nonstereotyped lymphoma B cell receptors recognize vimentin as a shared autoantigenJournal of Immunology.  190:4887-4898. 2013
2013 The link between antibodies to oxldl and natural protection against pneumococci depends on dh gene conservationJournal of Experimental Medicine.  210:875-890. 2013
2013 Recirculating bone marrow B cells in C57BL/6 mice are more tolerant of highly hydrophobic and highly charged CDR-H3s than those in BALB/c miceEuropean Journal of Immunology.  43:629-640. 2013
2012 IgA response in preterm neonates shows little evidence of antigen-driven selectionJournal of Immunology.  189:5449-5456. 2012
2012 Review of intravenous immunoglobulin replacement therapy trials for primary humoral immunodeficiency patients 2012
2012 Use and interpretation of diagnostic vaccination in primary immunodeficiency: A working group report of the Basic and Clinical Immunology Interest Section of the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & ImmunologyJournal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology.  130. 2012
2012 Safety, efficacy and pharmacokinetics of a new 10% liquid intravenous immunoglobulin (IVIG) in patients with primary immunodeficiencyJournal of Clinical Immunology.  32:663-669. 2012
2012 Immunoglobulin class switching appears to be regulated by B-cell antigen receptor-specific T-cell actionEuropean Journal of Immunology.  42:1016-1029. 2012
2012 A rapid and quantitative method for the evaluation of V gene usage, specificities and the clonal size of B cell repertoiresJournal of Immunological Methods.  376:143-149. 2012
2012 American Journal of Clinical and Experimental Immunology: Editorial Board (2012) e-Century Publishing Corporation.American Journal of Clinical and Experimental Immunology.  1:67-69. 2012
2012 Immune responses to pneumococcal vaccines in children and adults: Rationale for age-specific vaccinationAging and Disease.  3:51-67. 2012
2012 The launch of the American Journal of Clinical and Experimental Immunology.American Journal of Clinical and Experimental Immunology.  1:i. 2012
2011 A single DH gene segment is sufficient for the establishment of an asthma phenotype in a murine model of allergic airway inflammationInternational Archives of Allergy and Applied Immunology.  156:247-258. 2011
2011 Absence of N addition facilitates B cell development, but impairs immune responsesImmunogenetics.  63:599-609. 2011
2011 Membranous glomerulopathy in an adult patient with X-linked agammaglobulinemia receiving intravenous gammaglobulinJournal of Investigational Allergology and Clinical Immunology.  21:405-409. 2011
2011 Limiting CDR-H3 diversity abrogates the antibody response to the bacterial polysaccharide α 1→3 dextranJournal of Immunology.  187:879-886. 2011
2010 The CDR-H3 repertoire from TdT-deficient adult bone marrow is a close, but not exact, homologue of the CDR-H3 repertoire from perinatal liverJournal of Immunology.  185:6075-6084. 2010
2010 The peritoneal cavity B-2 antibody repertoire appears to reflect many of the same selective pressures that shape the B-1a and B-1b repertoiresJournal of Immunology.  185:6085-6095. 2010
2010 DH and JH usage in murine fetal liver mirrors that of human fetal liverImmunogenetics.  62:653-666. 2010
2010 Clinical consequences of defects in B-cell developmentJournal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology.  125:778-787. 2010
2010 Structure and function of immunoglobulinsJournal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology.  125. 2010
2010 High throughput sequencing reveals a complex pattern of dynamic interrelationships among human T cell subsets 2010
2010 Genetic control of DH reading frame and its effect on B-cell development and antigen-specifc antibody productionCritical Reviews in Immunology.  30:327-344. 2010
2010 Genetic control of the B cell response to LPS: Opposing effects in peritoneal versus splenic B cell populationsImmunogenetics.  62:41-48. 2010
2009 Analysis of TACI mutations in CVID & RESPI patients who have inherited HLA B*44 or HLA*B8BMC Medical Genetics.  10:100. 2009
2009 Composition of the immunoglobulin classic antigen-binding site regulates allergic airway inflammation in a murine model of experimental asthmaClinical and Experimental Allergy.  39:591-601. 2009
2008 Preferential use of DH reading frame 2 alters B cell development and antigen-specific antibody productionJournal of Immunology.  181:8409-8415. 2008
2008 Regulation of repertoire development through genetic control of D H reading frame preferenceJournal of Immunology.  181:8416-8424. 2008
2007 Heterosubtypic immunity to influenza A virus infection requires a properly diversified antibody repertoireJournal of Virology.  81:9331-9338. 2007
2007 Effects of chronic stress and interleukin-10 gene polymorphisms on antibody response to tetanus vaccine in family caregivers of patients with Alzheimer's diseasePsychosomatic Medicine.  69:551-559. 2007
2007 Categorial selection of the antibody repertoire in splenic B cellsEuropean Journal of Immunology.  37:1010-1021. 2007
2007 B-cell numbers in the blood of patients with non-HLA*B8 or non-HLA*B44 common variable immunodeficiency 2007
2006 Recognition reversal in a spineless scroungerNature Immunology.  7:797-798. 2006
2006 Forced usage of positively charged amino acids in immunoglobulin CDR-H3 impairs B cell development and antibody productionJournal of Experimental Medicine.  203:1567-1578. 2006
2006 Increased frequency of HLA-B44 in recurrent sinopulmonary infections (RESPI)Clinical Immunology.  119:346-350. 2006
2006 CD8 T-cell immune phenotype of successful agingMechanisms of Ageing and Development.  127:231-239. 2006
2006 Similarity and divergence in the development and expression of the mouse and human antibody repertoiresDevelopmental and Comparative Immunology.  30:119-135. 2006
2005 A single DH gene segment creates its own unique CDR-H3 repertoire and is sufficient for B cell development and immune functionJournal of Immunology.  175:6624-6632. 2005
2005 Development of the expressed Ig CDR-H3 repertoire is marked by focusing of constraints in length, amino acid use, and charge that are first established in early B cell progenitorsJournal of Immunology.  174:7773-7780. 2005
2005 Despite extensive similarity in germline DH and JH sequence, the adult Rhesus macaque CDR-H3 repertoire differs from humanMolecular Immunology.  42:943-955. 2005
2004 The Complex Genetics of Common Variable ImmunodeficiencyJournal of Investigative Medicine.  52:90-103. 2004
2003 Expressed murine and human CDR-H3 intervals of equal length exhibit distinct repertoires that differ in their amino acid composition and predicted range of structuresJournal of Molecular Biology.  334:733-749. 2003
2003 Screening the genome for rheumatoid arthritis susceptibility genes: A replication study and combined analysis of 512 multicase familiesArthritis and Rheumatism.  48:906-916. 2003
2003 Antibody repertoire in a mouse with a simplified DH locus: The D-limited mouseAnnals of the New York Academy of Sciences.  987:262-265. 2003
2003 Comparison of the efficacy of IGIV-C, 10% (caprylate/chromatography) and IGIV-SD, 10% as replacement therapy in primary immune deficiency: A randomized double-blind trialInternational Immunopharmacology.  3:1325-1333. 2003
2002 Regulation and chance in the ontogeny of B and T cell antigen receptor repertoiresImmunologic Research.  26:265-278. 2002
2002 The Rhesus monkey immunoglobulin IGHD and IGHJ germline repertoireImmunogenetics.  54:240-250. 2002
2002 Clues to the etiology of autoimmune diseases through analysis of immunoglobulin genes 2002
2001 Complement activation in factor D-deficient mice 2001
2001 Slow, programmed maturation of the immunoglobulin HCDR3 repertoire during the third trimester of fetal lifeBlood.  98:2745-2751. 2001
2001 A Genomewide screen in multiplex rheumatoid arthritis families suggests genetic overlap with other autoimmune diseasesAmerican Journal of Human Genetics.  68:927-936. 2001
2001 An immune defect causing dominant chronic mucocutaneous candidiasis and thyroid disease maps to chromosome 2p in a single familyAmerican Journal of Human Genetics.  69:791-803. 2001
2000 Early expression of Iε, CD23 (FcεRII), IL-4Rα, and IgE in the human fetusJournal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology.  106:911-917. 2000
2000 Genetics of IgA deficiency and common variable immunodeficiencyClinical Reviews in Allergy and Immunology.  19:127-140. 2000
2000 Marriage, divorce, and promiscuity in human B cellsNature Immunology.  1:187-188. 2000
1999 IgM heavy chain complementarity-determining region 3 diversity is constrained by genetic and somatic mechanisms until two months after birthJournal of Immunology.  162:6060-6070. 1999
1999 The expression of long HCDR3 intervals is constrained by both genetic and somatic mechanisms during human B-cell ontogenyJournal of Investigative Medicine.  47. 1999
1999 V(H) gene usage by family members affected with chronic lymphocytic leukaemiaBritish Journal of Haematology.  107:616-624. 1999
1998 Chronic lymphocytic leukemia B cells express restricted sets of mutated and unmutated antigen receptorsJournal of Clinical Investigation.  102:1515-1525. 1998
1998 In situ hybridization analysis of immunoglobulin heavy chain variable gene expression with family specific oligonucleotide probesJournal of Immunological Methods.  218:31-52. 1998
1998 Regulation of the antibody repertoire through control of HCDR3 diversityVaccine.  16:1383-1390. 1998
1998 Enhanced expression of immunoglobulin κ light chains with unusually long CDR3 regions in patients with rheumatoid arthritisJournal of Rheumatology.  25:1067-1071. 1998
1998 Gene-targeting studies of DH reading frame choice in V-D-J recombinationThe FASEB Journal.  12. 1998
1998 Clonally-related immunoglobulin V(H) domains and nonrandom use of D(H) gene segments in rheumatoid arthritis synoviumMolecular Medicine.  4:240-257. 1998
1998 Susceptibility locus for IgA deficiency and common variable immunodeficiency in the HLA-DR3, -B8, -A1 haplotypesMolecular Medicine.  4:72-86. 1998
1997 Ig D(H) gene segment transcription and rearrangement before surface expression of the pan-B-cell marker CD19 in normal human bone marrowBlood.  90:736-744. 1997
1997 VHDJH Gene Sequences and Antigen Reactivity of Monoclonal Antibodies Produced by Human B-1 Cells: Evidence for Somatic SelectionJournal of Immunology.  158:2477-2489. 1997
1997 Age-related changes in serum immunoglobulins in patients with familial IgA deficiency and common variable immunodeficiency (CVID)Clinical and Experimental Immunology.  108:477-483. 1997
1997 CDR3 fingerprinting of immunoglobulin kappa light chains expressed in rheumatoid arthritis. Evidence of antigenic selection or dysregulation of gene rearrangement in B cellsAnnals of the New York Academy of Sciences.  815:423-426. 1997
1996 Selection of reading frame usage in human thymic tcrbdj transcripts occurs at the transcriptional levelThe FASEB Journal.  10. 1996
1996 The J chain gene is transcribed during B and T lymphopoiesis in humansJournal of Immunology.  156:4240-4244. 1996
1996 Quantitative analysis of immunoglobulin Vκ CDR3 lengths in rheumatoid arthritis: Evidence of antigenic selection or dysregulation of gene rearrangementJournal of Investigative Medicine.  44. 1996
1996 What is the CLL B-lymphocyte? 1996
1995 Analysis of DHQ52 Gene Segment Transcription and Rearrangement During B‐Cell Development in Human Fetal Bone MarrowAnnals of the New York Academy of Sciences.  764:228-230. 1995
1995 Analysis of Immunoglobulin Gamma Heavy Chains from Rheumatoid Arthritis Synovium Evidence of Antigen‐Driven SelectionAnnals of the New York Academy of Sciences.  764:450-460. 1995
1995 Developmental Regulation of the Human Antibody RepertoireAnnals of the New York Academy of Sciences.  764:242-260. 1995
1995 Immunoglobulin gene expression in rheumatoid arthritisAgents and actions. Supplements.  47:23-35. 1995
1995 In Situ Hybridization Analysis of Immunoglobulin VH Gene Family Expression in Rheumatoid ArthritisAnnals of the New York Academy of Sciences.  764:453-456. 1995
1995 Somatic mutation and CDR3 lengths of immunoglobulin κ light chains expressed in patients with rheumatoid arthritis and in normal individualsJournal of Clinical Investigation.  96:831-841. 1995
1995 Structure—Function Studies of Human Monoclonal Antibodies to Pneumococcus Type 3 PolysaccharideAnnals of the New York Academy of Sciences.  764:370-373. 1995
1994 Overexpression of zinc-finger transcription factor Z-225/Egr-1 in synoviocytes from rheumatoid arthritis patientsJournal of Immunology.  152:5940-5948. 1994
1994 Antibody structure and the evolution of immunoglobulin v gene segmentsSeminars in Immunology.  6:347-360. 1994
1994 Clonal hematopoiesis and acquired thalassemia in common variable immunodeficiency.Molecular Medicine.  1:56-61. 1994
1994 Erratum: Overexpression of zinc-finger transcription factor Z-225/Egr-1 in synoviocytes from rheumatoid arthritis patients (Blood (June 15, 1994) 152:12 (5940))Journal of Immunology.  153:5347. 1994
1994 Evidence of antigen receptor-influenced oligoclonal B lymphocyte expansion in the synovium of a patient with longstanding rheumatoid arthritisJournal of Clinical Investigation.  93:361-370. 1994
1994 The pathogenesis of chronic lymphocytic leukemia: Analysis of the antibody repertoire 1994
1993 Normal B lymphocyte differentiation. 1993
1993 3 Normal B lymphocyte differentiation 1993
1993 Analysis of immunoglobulin gamma heavy chain expression in synovial tissue of a patient with rheumatoid arthritisArthritis and Rheumatism.  36:631-641. 1993
1993 Human cord blood antibody repertoire: Mixed population of V(H) gene segments and CDR3 distribution in the expressed Cα and Cγ repertoiresJournal of Immunology.  150:1348-1357. 1993
1993 SAW: A graphical user interface for the analysis of immunoglobulin variable domain sequences 1993
1993 The human immunoglobulin VH7 gene family consists of a small, polymorphic group of six to eight gene segments dispersed throughout the VH locusEuropean Journal of Immunology.  23:832-839. 1993
1992 Nucleotide sequence of the intron of the germline human x immunoglobulin gene connecting the J and C regions reveals a matrix association region (MAR) next to the enhancerNucleic Acids Research.  20:4929-4930. 1992
1992 A rheumatoid factor from a normal individual encoded by VH2 and VkII gene segmentsArthritis and Rheumatism.  35:900-904. 1992
1992 Developmental regulation of Dβ reading frame and junctional diversity in T cell receptor-β transcripts from human thymusJournal of Immunology.  148:1230-1239. 1992
1992 Immunoglobulin V(H) clan and family identity predicts variable domain structure and may influence antigen binding 1992
1992 Major histocompatibility complex class III genes and susceptibility to immunoglobulin a deficiency and common variable immunodeficiencyJournal of Clinical Investigation.  89:1914-1922. 1992
1992 The human cord blood antibody repertoire. Frequent usage of the VH7 gene familyEuropean Journal of Immunology.  22:241-245. 1992
1992 The immunoglobulin kappa light chain repertoire expressed in the synovium of a patient with rheumatoid arthritisArthritis and Rheumatism.  35:905-913. 1992
1991 Immunoglobulin variable heavy chain cDNA sequence from a patient with X-linked agammaglobulinemiaNucleic Acids Research.  19:673. 1991
1990 Preferential utilization of conserved immunoglobulin heavy chain variable gene segments during human fetal life 1990
1990 Structure and evolution of mammalian VHfamiliesInternational Immunology.  2:41-50. 1990
1989 Isolation and mapping of a polymorphic DNA sequence pH30 on chromosome 4 [HGM provisional no. IMS 139]Nucleic Acids Research.  17:4002. 1989
1989 Heterogeneity in the human Ig V(H) locusJournal of Immunology.  142:2547-2554. 1989
1988 Physical linkage of a human immunoglobulin heavy chain variable region gene segment to diversity and joining region elements 1988
1987 Early restriction of the human antibody repertoireScience.  238:791-793. 1987


Year Title Altmetric
2013 Preface to the fourth edition 2013
2012 Clinical immunology: Principles and practice: Fourth edition 2012
2008 Clinical Immunology 2008
2008 Preface to the third edition 2008
2008 Clinical Immunology 2008


Year Title Altmetric
2015 Development and Function of B Cell Subsets.  99-119. 2015
2014 Structure and Function of Immunoglobulins 2014
2013 Antigen receptor genes, gene products, and co-receptors.  47-67. 2013
2013 B-cell development and differentiation.  90-101. 2013
2013 Primary antibody deficiencies.  421-436. 2013
2008 Antigen receptor genes, gene products, and co-receptors.  53-77. 2008
2008 B-cell development and differentiation.  113-125. 2008
2008 Primary antibody deficiencies.  513-529. 2008

Research Overview

  • B cell and repertoire development. Although at first glance the power of the mechanisms used to diversify the B- and T-cell antigen receptors appear to generate repertoires of random diversity, closer examination reveals striking constraints that are preserved across evolution. The implication is that violation of these constraint programs could lead to immune dysfunction, and thus to disease. My group has used Cre-loxP gene targeting to generate mice wherein the DH locus has been altered for force expression of polyclonal antibody repertoires that lie outside normal constraints. In these mice, B cell numbers are reduced, responses to T-independent antigens decline in a co-dominant manner, and responses to T-dependent antigens and autoantigens are affected in a dominant manner. The mechanisms that underlie these alterations and the contribution of a failure to properly regulate the repertoire are a major focus of the laboratory.

    Genetics of primary immune deficiency diseases. A second focus in the laboratory is the use of classic reverse genetics techniques to study human immune deficiency disorders.
  • Teaching Activities

  • GBSC723 - Career Dev Courses (Spring Term 2020) 2020
  • GBSC723 - Career Dev Courses (Fall Term 2019) 2019
  • GBSC723 - Career Dev Courses (Spring Term 2019) 2019
  • GBSC723 - Career Dev Courses (Fall Term 2018) 2018
  • GBSC723 - Career Dev Courses (Spring Term 2018) 2018
  • GBSC723 - Career Dev Courses (Fall Term 2017) 2017
  • GBSC723 - Career Dev Courses (Spring Term 2017) 2017
  • MIC741 - Topics in Professional Develop (Fall Term 2016) 2016
  • MIC741 - Topics in Professional Develop (Spring Term 2016) 2016
  • MIC741 - Topics in Professional Develop (Fall Term 2015) 2015
  • GBS741 - Lymphocyte Biology (Spring Term 2015) 2015
  • MIC741 - Topics in Professional Develop (Spring Term 2015) 2015
  • MIC741 - Topics in Professional Develop (Fall Term 2014) 2014
  • GBS741 - Lymphocyte Biology (Spring Term 2014) 2014
  • MIC741 - Topics in Professional Develop (Spring Term 2014) 2014
  • MIC741 - Topics in Professional Develop (Fall Term 2013) 2013
  • GBS741 - Lymphocyte Biology (Spring Term 2013) 2013
  • MIC741 - Topics in Professional Develop (Fall Term 2012) 2012
  • MIC741 - Topics in Professional Develop (Spring Term 2012) 2012
  • MIC741 - Topics in Professional Develop (Fall Term 2011) 2011
  • MIC741 - Topics in Professional Develop (Spring Term 2011) 2011
  • MIC778 - Primary Immune Deficiencies (Spring Term 2011) 2011
  • MIC741 - Topics in Professional Develop (Fall Term 2010) 2010
  • MIC709 - Topics in Profession Dev (Spring Term 2010) 2010
  • MIC741 - Topics in Professional Develop (Spring Term 2010) 2010
  • MIC741 - Topics in Professional Develop (Fall Term 2009) 2009
  • MIC778 - Primary Immune Deficiencies (Fall Term 2008) 2008
  • Education And Training

  • Doctor of Medicine, Baylor University 1981
  • Doctor of Philosophy, Baylor University 1979
  • University of Kentucky/Chandler Hospital, Internship 1982
  • University of Kentucky/Chandler Hospital, Residency 1984
  • University of Washington Medical Center, Postdoctoral Fellowship 1988
  • Full Name

  • Harry Schroeder