• Clinton J. Grubbs, Ph.D., is a basic scientist with a primary research interest in the chemoprevention of urinary bladder and mammary cancers. His major area of research is the identification of nutrient and non-nutrient agents that exhibit efficacy in the prevention of these cancers. He is a Professor in the UAB Department of Surgery and a Senior Scientist in the UAB Comprehensive Cancer Center. Dr. Grubbs received his doctoral degree from the University of Tennessee Medical Units in Memphis, Tennessee in 1973. He also completed a two year postdoctoral fellowship in biochemistry at the University of Tennessee Medical Unit. From 1975 to 1979, he was a senior physiologist at the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago, Illinois. After six years at Southern Research in Birmingham, he joined the faculty at UAB in the Department of Nutrition Sciences, and in 2000 transferred to the Department of Surgery.

    In 1987, he was awarded Master Agreements from the NCI for in vivo screening of chemopreventive agents and for the evaluation of the efficacy of potential preventive compounds. The agreements, now a Prime Contractor, continue to be active. Through this funding, Dr. Grubbs has established subcontracts for chemoprevention research with five universities and research institutes in the United States. Dr. Grubbs has established a national and international reputation in the preclinical evaluation of chemopreventive agents in cancer. His research is published in widely read peer-reviewed journals. At UAB, he served as Chair of the UAB IACUC Committee from 1987-2001. He also served on the PREVENT Review Panel of the National Cancer Institute for more than 10 years.
  • Selected Publications

    Academic Article

    Year Title Altmetric
    2018 Comparison of effects of diet on mammary cancer: Efficacy of various preventive agents and metabolomic changes of different diets and agentsCancer Prevention Research.  11:831-840. 2018
    2018 Screening of chemopreventive agents in animal models: Results on reproducibility, agents of a given class, and agents tested during tumor progressionCancer Prevention Research.  11:595-605. 2018
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    2018 Daily or weekly dosing with EGFR inhibitors, gefitinib and lapatinib, and AKt inhibitor MK2206 in mammary cancer modelsOncology Reports.  40:1545-1553. 2018
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    2018 The retinoid X receptor agonist, 9-cis UAB30, inhibits cutaneous T-cell lymphoma proliferation through the SKP2-p27kip1 axisJournal of Dermatological Science.  90:343-356. 2018
    2017 Erratum to: Mass spectrometric evidence for the modification of small molecules in a cobalt-60-irradiated rodent diet: Irradiation modifies the content of animal diet (Journal of Mass Spectrometry, (2017), 52, 8, (507-516), 10.1002/jms.3950)Journal of Mass Spectrometry.  52:707. 2017
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    2011 Effects of 5,6-benzoflavone, indole-3-carbinol (I3C) and diindolylmethane (DIM) on chemically-induced mammary carcinogenesis: Is DIM a substitute for I3C?Oncology Reports.  26:731-736. 2011
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    Education And Training

  • Master of Sciences or Mathematics in Biology, University of Tennessee System : Memphis 2000
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Medical Physiology, University of Tennessee System : Memphis 1973
  • Full Name

  • Clinton Grubbs