Selected Publications

Academic Article

Year Title Altmetric
2020 Clinical pig kidney xenotransplantation: How close are we?Journal of the American Society of Nephrology.  31:12-21. 2020
2019 Indicators of impending pig kidney and heart xenograft failure: Relevance to clinical organ xenotransplantation - Review articleInternational Journal of Surgery.  70:84-91. 2019
2019 Evidence for the important role of inflammation in xenotransplantationJournal of inflammation.  16. 2019
2019 Incidence of Neoplasia in Pigs and Its Relevance to Clinical Organ XenotransplantationLaboratory Animal Science.  69:86-94. 2019
2019 Is interleukin-6 receptor blockade (tocilizumab) beneficial or detrimental to pig-to-baboon organ xenotransplantation?American Journal of Transplantation2019
2018 Serum amyloid a as an indicator of impending xenograft failure: Experimental studiesInternational Journal of Surgery.  60:283-290. 2018
2018 Skin xenotransplantation: Historical review and clinical potentialBurns.  44:1738-1749. 2018
2018 Data on B cell phenotypes in baboons with pig artery patch grafts receiving conventional immunosuppressive therapyData in Brief.  20:1965-1974. 2018
2018 Physiologic aspects of pig kidney transplantation in nonhuman primatesLaboratory Animal Science.  68:332-340. 2018
2018 Bringing Home the Bacon: Update on the State of Kidney XenotransplantationBlood Purification.  45:254-259. 2018
2018 Xenotransplantation - The current status and prospectsBritish Medical Bulletin.  125:5-14. 2018
2017 Renal xenotransplantation: experimental progress and clinical prospectsKidney International.  91:790-796. 2017
2016 Endoscopic biopsy of islet transplants in the gastric submucosal space provides evidence of islet graft rejection in diabetic pigsIslets.  8:1-12. 2016
2015 Current status of pig kidney xenotransplantationInternational Journal of Surgery.  23:229-233. 2015
2013 Human T cells upregulate CD69 after coculture with xenogeneic genetically-modified pig mesenchymal stromal cellsCellular Immunology.  285:23-30. 2013

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  • Doctor of Medicine in Surgical Critical Care Residency Program, Nagoya University 2011
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  • Hayato Iwase
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  • hiwase