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2020 Is interleukin-6 receptor blockade (tocilizumab) beneficial or detrimental to pig-to-baboon organ xenotransplantation?American Journal of Transplantation.  20:999-1013. 2020
2020 Clinical pig kidney xenotransplantation: How close are we?Journal of the American Society of Nephrology.  31:12-21. 2020
2020 Fluid intake and output in baboonsXenotransplantation2020
2020 The final obstacle to successful pre-clinical xenotransplantation?Xenotransplantation2020
2019 Human CTLA4-Ig therapy can give false-positive anti-pig antibody results in primates after xenotransplantationTransplant Immunology.  57. 2019
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2019 Life-supporting Kidney Xenotransplantation from Genetically Engineered Pigs in Baboons: A Comparison of Two Immunosuppressive RegimensTransplantation.  103:2090-2104. 2019
2019 Justification of specific genetic modifications in pigs for clinical organ xenotransplantationXenotransplantation.  26. 2019
2019 The “Baby Fae” baboon heart transplant—Potential cause of rejectionXenotransplantation.  26. 2019
2019 Evidence for the important role of inflammation in xenotransplantationJournal of inflammation.  16. 2019
2019 Carbohydrate antigen expression and anti-pig antibodies in New World capuchin monkeys: Relevance to studies of xenotransplantationXenotransplantation.  26. 2019
2019 Life-supporting porcine cardiac xenotransplantation: The Munich studyXenotransplantation.  26. 2019
2019 Incidence of Neoplasia in Pigs and Its Relevance to Clinical Organ Xenotransplantation 2019
2019 Chronic dialysis in patients with end-stage renal disease: Relevance to kidney xenotransplantationXenotransplantation.  26. 2019
2019 Episodes of hypovolemia/dehydration in baboons with pig kidney transplants: A new syndrome of clinical importance?Xenotransplantation.  26. 2019
2019 Will donor-derived neoplasia be problematic after clinical pig organ or cell xenotransplantation?Xenotransplantation.  26. 2019
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2015 Systemic inflammation in xenograft recipients precedes activation of coagulationXenotransplantation.  22:32-47. 2015
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2011 Clinical significance of regulatory T-cell-related gene expression in peripheral blood after renal transplantationTransplantation.  91:191-198. 2011

Education And Training

  • Doctor of Medicine in Surgical Critical Care Residency Program, Nagoya University 2011
  • Full Name

  • Hayato Iwase