A Randomized, Blinded, Pilot Trial of Neoadjuvant Checkpoint Inhibition followed by Adjuvant Checkpoint Inhibition in Children and Young Adults with Recurrent or Progressive High Grade Gliomac-UFRA-317


Total Award Amount

  • 7500.00
  • Direct Costs

  • 5250.00
  • Sponsor Award Id

  • UFRA-317 PNOC 019
  • Contributor

  • Elizabeth Alva   Investigator  
  • Frederick Goldman M.D.   Investigator  
  • Girish Dhall   Principal Investigator  
  • Gregory Friedman M.D.   Investigator  
  • Hilary Haines   Investigator  
  • Joseph Chewning III M.D.   Investigator  
  • Laura Metrock   Investigator