Selected Publications

Academic Article

Year Title Altmetric
2018 Crystal orientation relationships in ternary eutectic Al-Al2Cu-Ag2AlActa Materialia.  157:96-105. 2018
2018 Graph-based investigation of three-dimensional microstructure rearrangement during ternary eutectic directional solidification of Al-Ag-CuJournal of Crystal Growth.  498:230-243. 2018
2018 Study of pattern selection in 3D phase-field simulations during the directional solidification of ternary eutectic Al-Ag-CuComputational Materials Science.  148:131-140. 2018
2017 Thermo-calc prediction of mushy zone in alsifemn alloysMetals.  7. 2017
2017 Mushy zone morphology calculation with application of CALPHAD techniqueMetals.  7. 2017
2017 Influence of growth velocity variations on the pattern formation during the directional solidification of ternary eutectic Al-Ag-CuActa Materialia.  136:335-346. 2017
2017 Solidification Behavior in Reduced Gravity 2017
2016 Alloying effects on graphite spacing in gray iron 2016
2016 Phase-field simulations of spiral growth during directional ternary eutectic solidificationActa Materialia.  106:249-259. 2016
2016 Post-solidification Effects in Directionally Grown Al-Ag 2 Al-Al 2 Cu Eutectics 2016
2015 Large scale phase-field simulations of directional ternary eutectic solidificationActa Materialia.  93:194-204. 2015
2013 Effect of solidification conditions on fractal dimension of dendritesJournal of Crystal Growth.  363:49-54. 2013
2013 The morphological evolution of low volume fraction tin dendrites during coarsening 2013
2011 Mushy zone coarsening in an AlCu30 alloy accelerated by a rotating magnetic field 2011
2010 Evolution of specific surface area with solid fraction during solidificationActa Materialia.  58:4207-4211. 2010
2009 Spatial correlations in symmetric and asymmetric bicontinuous structuresActa Materialia.  57:6226-6233. 2009
2009 The morphology of topologically complex interfaces 2009
2009 Flow effects on the dendritic microstructure of AlSi-base alloysTransactions of the Indian Institute of Metals.  62:337-341. 2009

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  • Doctor of Philosophy in Materials Science, Northwestern University 2008
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  • Amber Genau