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2019 Life After Trauma: A Survey of Level 1 Trauma Centers Regarding Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and Acute Stress Disorder 2019
2019 The Game of Healthcare Outcomes 2019
2018 The patient-centered oncology care on health care utilization and cost: A systematic review and meta-analysis. 2018
2018 Forecasting the maturation of electronic health record functions among US hospitals: Retrospective analysis and predictive model 2018
2018 Trends and Gaps in Awareness of Direct-to-Consumer Genetic Tests From 2007 to 2014 2018
2018 Forecasting the Maturation of Electronic Health Record Functions among U.S. Hospitals 2018
2018 Examining Characteristics Associated with Awareness of Direct-to-Consumer Genetic Tests: A Repeated Cross-sectional Analysis, 2007–2014 2018
2018 Growth dynamics of patient-provider internet communication: Trend analysis using the health information national trends survey (2003 to 2013) 2018
2018 Electronic medical record reminders and smoking cessation activities in primary care 2018
2018 A Study of Hospitals Found That Outsider CEOs Make Their Organizations More Productive in the Long Run. 2018
2018 Assessing the impact of health system organizational structure on hospital electronic data sharing 2018
2018 Insider versus outsider executive succession: The relationship to hospital efficiency 2018
2017 How Differences Between Manager and Clinician Perceptions of Safety Culture Impact Hospital Processes of Care 2017
2017 Cancer Center Website Rankings in the USA: Expanding Benchmarks and Standards for Effective Public Outreach and Education 2017
2017 Trends in E-Cigarette Awareness and Perceived Harmfulness in the U.S. 2017
2017 What you think and what I think: Studying intersubjectivity in knowledge artifacts evaluation 2017
2017 Trust me, i'm a doctor: Examining changes in how privacy concerns affect patient withholding behavior 2017
2017 Use of the Internet to Communicate with Providers from 2003 to 2013: 10 Years of Patient Engagement According to the Health Information National Trends Surveys (HINTS) 2017
2016 Assessing electronic health record implementation challenges using item response theory 2016
2016 A Time Series Analysis of Cancer-Related Information Seeking: Hints From the Health Information National Trends Survey (HINTS) 2003–2014 2016
2016 An evaluation and ranking of children's hospital websites in the United States 2016
2016 Assessing the relationship between patient safety culture and EHR strategy 2016
2016 Cardiovascular disease documentation and counseling in electronic medical records 2016
2016 The electronic medical record's role in support of smoking cessation activities 2016
2016 An Effective Web Presence for Substance Abuse Treatment Facilities 2016
2016 Personal Health Record Use in the United States: Forecasting Future Adoption Levels 2016
2016 Impact of the HITECH act on physicians' adoption of electronic health records 2016
2016 Measuring Patient Satisfaction's Relationship to Hospital Cost Efficiency: Can Administrators Make a Difference? 2016
2015 Market factors related to of hospitals’ patient satisfaction ratings 2015
2015 The ingredients of a Clinical Practice Guideline: A Qualitative Assessment of the Research Used in the Development of a Pediatric Asthma Guideline 2015
2014 Increasing hand washing compliance with a simple visual cue 2014
2014 Tackling the Confusing Words of Strategy: Effective Use of Key Words for Publication Impact 2014
2014 Hospital website rankings in the united states: Expanding benchmarks and standards for effective consumer engagement 2014
2014 Strategy and Structure: A Learning Perspective and Analysis 2014
2014 Hookah smoking: Behaviors and beliefs among young consumers in the United States 2014
2014 Assessing the Relationship between Patient Safety Culture and EHR Strategy 2014
2014 Digital Social Media in the Support of US Hospitals: Expanding Benchmarks and Standards for Effective Consumer Engagement 2014
2014 EMR Implementation Speed: Patient Safety Culture Paradox 2014
2014 EMR Implementation Speed: Patient Safety Culture Paradox: Part 2 2014
2014 Hospital characteristics associated with achievement of meaningful use 2014
2013 Patient Satisfaction Scores and Their Relationship to Hospital Website Quality Measures 2013
2013 Aligning Strategic Orientation with Information Resources 2013
2013 Health information technology vendor selection strategies and total factor productivity 2013
2013 Electronic health record implementation and hospitals' total factor productivity 2013
2013 Overcoming challenges to achieving meaningful use: Insights from hospitals that successfully received centers for medicare and medicaid services payments in 2011 2013
2013 Implementing electronic lab order entry management in hospitals: Incremental strategies lead to better productivity outcomes 2013
2013 It’s Better a Step at a Time: Incremental Implementation Strategies for Electronic Lab Order Entry Management Leads to Better Productivity Outcomes 2013
2012 How can we bend the cost curve? The impact of accelerating electronic prescribing on hospitals' productivity levels: Can health information technology bend the curve? 2012
2012 Payer mix and EHR adoption in hospitals 2012
2012 Governance's role in local health departments' information system and technology usage 2012
2012 A synthesis of HCMR's health information technology articles (2000-2011) 2012
2012 As Goes the Spoils, So Go the Victories: Exploring Major League Baseball’s Playoff Bonus System 2012
2012 Effective us health system websites: Establishing benchmarks and standards for effective consumer engagement 2012
2012 Hospital characteristics related to the intention to apply for meaningful use incentive payments. 2012
2012 Iatrogenia tecnológica (Reprinted in Spanish) 2012
2012 Is electronic health record use associated with patient satisfaction in hospitals? 2012
2012 Mandatory insurance coverage and hospital productivity in Massachusetts: Bending the curve? 2012
2012 Market factors and electronic medical record adoption in medical practices 2012
2012 Realizing the Value Proposition: A Longitudinal Assessment of Hospitals’ Total Factor Productivity 2012
2011 Hit management research and the tip of the Iceberg: Setting a research agenda - A commentary 2011
2011 Environmental factors and health information technology management strategy 2011
2011 Experiences with electronic health records: Early adopters in long-term care facilities 2011
2011 Assessing differences between physicians' realized and anticipated gains from electronic health record adoption 2011
2011 Co-Creating Management Education: Moving Toward Emergent Education in a Complex World 2011
2011 Realizing the value proposition: A longitudinal assessment of hospitals' Total Factor Productivity 2011
2011 The Role of Safe Practices on Hospitals’ Total Factor Productivity 2011
2010 Hospital IT adoption strategies associated with implementation success: implications for achieving meaningful use. 2010
2010 Hospital IT adoption strategies associated with implementation success: Implications for achieving meaningful use 2010
2010 Hospital IT adoption strategies associated with implementation success: implications for achieving meaningful use. 2010
2009 IT outsourcing and firm-level performance: A transaction cost perspective 2009
2009 The relationship between local hospital IT capabilities and physician EMR adoption 2009
2009 Resistance Is Futile: But It Is Slowing the Pace of EHR Adoption Nonetheless 2009
2009 A Student Journaling Exercise: Preparing for Competency-based Curricula 2009
2009 Information Systems and Healthcare XXIX: Information Technology Investments and Returns – Uniqueness in the Healthcare Industry 2009
2008 Testing the hospital value proposition: An empirical analysis of efficiency and quality 2008
2008 Predicting computerized physician order entry system adoption in US hospitals: Can the federal mandate be met? 2008
2008 Hospital responses to the leapfrog group in local markets 2008
2008 Planning for Hospital IT Implementation: A New Look at the Business Case. 2008
2008 The effect of information technology investment on firm-level performance in the health care industry 2008
2008 The impact of health system membership on patient safety initiatives 2008
2007 Incomplete EHR adoption: Late uptake of patient safety and cost control functions 2007
2007 Promise and problems with supply chain management approaches to health care purchasing 2007
2007 The influence of payer mix on electronic health record adoption by physicians 2007
2007 Community-based coalitions' capacity for sustainable action: The role of relationships 2007
2007 A collaborative product commerce approach to value-based health plan purchasing 2007
2007 Technological iatrogenesis: new risks force heightened management awareness 2007
2006 Managed care penetration and other factors affecting computerized physician order entry in the ambulatory setting 2006
2006 The role of disease management in pay-for-performance programs for improving the care of chronically ill patients 2006
2006 Managed Care Penetration and other Factors on the use of CPOE by Physicians in the Ambulatory Setting 2006
2006 People, places, and life transitions: Consequential experiences in the lives of management laureates 2006
2006 Predicting the adoption of electronic health records by physicians: When will health care be paperless? 2006
2005 Mitigating risks, visible hands, inevitable disasters, and soft variables: Management research that matters to managers 2005
2005 Mitigating risks, visible hands, inevitable disasters, and soft variables: Management research that matters to managers 2005
2005 Communication clarity in strategic management data sources 2005
2005 Health departments' implementation of public health's core functions: An assessment of health impacts 2005
2005 Ten Classic Articles Issue (Reprinted) 2005
2004 Experiencing job burnout: The roles of positive and negative traits and states 2004
2004 Strategic management and performance differences: Nonprofit versus for-prof it health organizations 2004
2004 Sustainable network advantages: A game theoretic approach to community-based health care coalitions 2004
2004 Tracing the evolution of pluralism in community-based coalitions 2004
2003 High performance public health: Assessing agencies' strategic management capabilities 2003
2003 The structure of state health agencies: A strategic analysis 2003
2003 A Pesquisa Que Faz Diferença. Revista de Administração de Empresas (Reprinted in Portuguese) 2003
2003 Mitigating risks, visible hands, inevitable disasters, and soft variables: Management research that matters to managers 2003
2002 Community of scholars: An exploratory study of management laureates 2002
2002 Economic Implications of Defined Contribution Health Plans 2002
2002 Shovels, trowels, and ice cream scoops: In search of the right tool to explain scientific management 2002
2002 The Future of Defined Contribution Health Plans 2002
2001 The Information Superhighway-Are Management Faculty Still Parked in the Driveway? 2001
2001 From MedPartners to CareMark Rx: Prescription for Success 2001
2000 Creating a healing environment: The importance of the service setting in the new consumer-oriented healthcare system 2000
1999 Attitudes of organized labor officials toward health care issues: An exploratory survey of Alabama labor officials 1999
1998 Benchmarking best practices in HIM education. 1998


Year Title Altmetric
2015 Managing clinical professionals.  394-411. 2015
2012 Reflections on us health care information technology policy from a global perspective.  111-120. 2012
2012 Towards a Comprehensive Online Peer Assessment System.  1-8. 2012
2009 Research Reviews and Secondary Analysis.  177-188. 2009
2008 Patient safety: State-of-the-art in health care management and future directions.  1-14. 2008
2007 Chapter 1 Perspectives on Strategic Thinking and Entrepreneurial Action in the Health Care Industry.  3-9. 2007
2007 Chapter 8 Entrepreneurship in the Boardroom: Board Roles in Managing Innovation and Risk.  191-215. 2007
2002 Evaluation of Strategic Choice.  264-265. 2002
2001 A Comparative Study of State Health Agency Configurations and the Communication Patterns of Their Leaders.  3249-3249. 2001

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