Selected Publications

Academic Article

Year Title Altmetric
2018 Patient Perceptions of Servicescape in Healthcare: A Systematic Review of the Literature.Journal of Healthcare Management.  63:94-104. 2018
2018 Predicting graft survival among kidney transplant recipients: A Bayesian decision support modelDecision Support Systems.  106:97-109. 2018
2018 The Impact of Hospital Competition on Strategies and Outcomes of Hospitals: A Systematic Review of the U.S. Hospitals 1996-2016Journal of Health Care Finance.  23-42. 2018
2018 A Data Warehouse of Health Services Administration Related Databases 2018
2018 Illuminating informatics: Tracking the journey of electronic health data through health information systemsJournal of Ahima // American Health Information Management Association.  89:40-43. 2018
2018 Longitudinal analysis of high-technology medical services and hospital financial performance.Health Care Management Review.  43:2-11. 2018
2018 Tracking Journey of Electronic Health Data through Health Information SystemsJournal of Ahima // American Health Information Management Association.  01:40-44. 2018
2017 Exploring the Association between Quality and Financial Performance in U.S. Hospitals: A Systematic ReviewJournal of Health Care Finance2017
2017 Text-mining analysis of mHealth research.Mhealth.  3:53. 2017
2016 Organizational and Environmental Factors Associated with Hospital Financial Performance: A Systematic ReviewJournal of Healthcare Finance.  43:13-37. 2016
2015 The Effects of High Fidelity Simulation on Nursing Students’ Perceptions and Self-Efficacy of Obstetric SkillsInternational Archives of Nursing and Healthcare.  1. 2015
2014 Technological innovations and hospital performance: a systematic review of the literatureInnovation and Entrepreneurship in Health.  13-13. 2014
2013 A Review of Evidence Based Design in Healthcare from Resource-Based PerspectiveJournal of Management Policy and Practice.  14:19-36. 2013
Does Transparency Affect Hospital Care Outcomes: A Systematic Review of the Literature.Advances in Health Care Management (Under Review)

Research Overview

  • Health Care Economics; Health Care Finance; Revenue Cycle Management; Health Care Management; Research Methods; Statistics; Data Analytics; Data/Text Mining; Predictive Models of Liver Transplants; Process and Quality Performance Measures; Risk Prediction;
  • Teaching Overview

  • Revenue Cycle Management (Graduate) Statistics for Managers (Undergraduate) Economics for Healthcare Managers (Undergraduate) Ethics for Health Care Professionals (Undergraduate) Accounting and Finance for Healthcare (Undergraduate) Seminar in Research Methods (Doctorate) Research Ethics (Graduate) Focus: Co-created an active learning experience with online and classroom students, developed curricular resources to enhance student engagement during lectures, designed activities such as "Flying you Healthcare Facility" exercise to enhance student engagement and improve critical thinking skills, utilized case studies, simulation and real life applications to achieve a memorable learning experience
  • Education And Training

  • Bachelor of Business, Foreign University
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Health / Health Care Administration / Management, University of Alabama at Birmingham
  • Master of Business in Finance and Financial Management Services, University of Alabama at Birmingham
  • Full Name

  • Ferhat Zengul
  • Blazerid

  • ferhat