Selected Publications

Academic Article

Year Title Altmetric
2012 Caregivers' baseline understanding and expectations of antibiotic use for their childrenClinical Pediatrics.  51:632-637. 2012
2011 Assessment of vancomycin dosing and subsequent serum concentrations in pediatric patientsAnnals of Pharmacotherapy.  45:582-589. 2011
2008 Intrathecal baclofen withdrawal resembling serotonin syndrome in an adolescent boy with cerebral palsyPediatric Emergency Care.  24:691-693. 2008
2008 Use of second-generation antiepileptic drugs in the pediatric populationPediatric Drugs.  10:217-254. 2008
2008 Caregivers' perspectives when evaluating nonprescription medication utilization in childrenClinical Pediatrics.  47:578-587. 2008
2007 Addressing the shortage of pharmacy faculty and clinicians: The impact of demographic changesAmerican Journal of Health-System Pharmacy.  64:773-775. 2007
2006 Evaluating the off-label use of medications in childrenAmerican Journal of Health-System Pharmacy.  63:1062-1065. 2006
2006 Polymicrobial catfish spine infection in a child [4]The Pediatric Infectious Disease Journal.  25:281-282. 2006
2006 Combating influenza with antiviral therapy in the pediatric populationPharmacotherapy.  26:95-103. 2006

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  • Doctor of Pharmacy, University of Texas System : Austin 2001
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  • Lea Eiland