Selected Publications

Academic Article

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2019 Afferent arteriole responsiveness to endothelin receptor activation: Does sex matter? 11 Medical and Health Sciences 1103 Clinical SciencesAlimentary Pharmacology and Therapeutics, Supplement.  10. 2019
2017 Interplay between renal endothelin and purinergic signaling systemsJournal of Youth and Adolescence.  313:F666-F668. 2017
2017 Long-term endothelin-a receptor antagonism provides robust renal protection in humanized sickle cell disease miceJournal of the American Society of Nephrology.  28:2443-2458. 2017
2017 Ovariectomy uncovers purinergic receptor activation of endothelin-dependent natriuresisJournal of Youth and Adolescence.  313:F361-F369. 2017
2017 Sex-Specific Contributions of Endothelin to HypertensionConference proceedings : ... Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society. IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society. Annual Conference.  20. 2017
2016 Ovarian hormones modulate endothelin A and B receptor expressionLife Sciences.  159:148-152. 2016
2016 Role of the endothelin system in sexual dimorphism in cardiovascular and renal diseasesLife Sciences.  159:20-29. 2016
2016 Activation of purinergic receptors (P2) in the renal medulla promotes endothelin-dependent natriuresis in male ratsJournal of Youth and Adolescence.  311:F260-F267. 2016
2016 Endothelin-1 and the kidney: New perspectives and recent findingsJournal of Commodity Science and Technology.  25:35-41. 2016
2014 PI3K/Akt-independent NOS/HO activation accounts for the facilitatory effect of nicotine on acetylcholine renal vasodilations: Modulation by ovarian hormonesPLoS ONE.  9. 2014
2013 Nicotine paradoxically affects the facilitatory effect of ovarian hormones on the adenosine receptor-mediated renal vasodilationEuropean Journal of Pharmacology.  710:1-9. 2013
2012 Nanoemulsion liquid preconcentrates for raloxifene hydrochloride: Optimization and in vivo appraisalInternational Journal of Nanomedicine.  7:3787-3802. 2012
2011 Estrogen dependence of the renal vasodilatory effect of nicotine in rats: Role of α7 nicotinic cholinergic receptor/eNOS signalingLife Sciences.  88:187-193. 2011
2009 Sex and hormonal influences on the nicotine-induced attenuation of isoprenaline vasodilations in the perfused rat kidneyJournal of Wound Ostomy Continence Nursing.  87:539-548. 2009
2008 Exacerbation by nicotine of the cyclosporine A-induced impairment of β-adrenoceptor-mediated renal vasodilation in ratsNorth Dakota Journal of Speech and Theatre.  35:1164-1171. 2008
2008 Pharmacological characterization of cellular mechanisms of the renal vasodilatory effect of nicotine in ratsEuropean Journal of Pharmacology.  588:294-300. 2008

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  • Doctor of Philosophy in Medicinal/Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Alexandria University 2013
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  • Eman Gohar