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Year Title Altmetric
2019 Technical Note: An open source solution for improving TG-263 compliance 2019
2019 Use of a plastic scintillator detector for patient-specific quality assurance of VMAT SRS 2019
2019 Optical surface guidance for submillimeter monitoring of patient position during frameless stereotactic radiotherapy 2019
2019 Assessing the feasibility of single target radiosurgery quality assurance with portal dosimetry 2019
2019 Stereotactic radiosurgery with MLC-defined arcs: Verification of dosimetry, spatial accuracy, and end-to-end tests 2019
2019 Multi-institutional evaluation of end-to-end protocol for IMRT/VMAT treatment chains utilizing conventional linacs 2019
2019 Using a whiteboard web application for tracking treatment workflow metrics for dosimetrists and physicians 2019
2018 American Association of Physicists in Medicine Task Group 263: Standardizing Nomenclatures in Radiation Oncology 2018
2017 Erratum: Revisiting fetal dose during radiation therapy: Evaluating treatment techniques and a custom shield [JACMP., 17, 5, (2016) (34-46)] DOI: 10.1120/jacmp.v17i5.6135 2017
2017 Improving patient safety and workflow efficiency with standardized pretreatment radiation therapist chart reviews 2017
2016 Technical Report: Evaluation of peripheral dose for flattening filter free photon beams 2016
2016 Improving treatment plan evaluation with automation 2016
2016 Revisiting fetal dose during radiation therapy: Evaluating treatment techniques and a custom shield 2016
2016 SafetyNet: Streamlining and automating QA in radiotherapy 2016
2013 Hot-spot detection and calibration of a scanning thermal probe with a noise thermometry gold wire sample 2013
2012 Microfluidic-packaged CMOS chemiresistor detector for micro-scale gas chromatograph 2012
2012 CMOS monolithic nanoparticle-coated chemiresistor array for micro-scale gas chromatography 2012
2011 Characterization of dense arrays of chemiresistor vapor sensors with submicrometer features and patterned nanoparticle interface layers 2011
2010 Densely integrated array of chemiresistor vapor sensors with electron-beam patterned monolayer-protected gold nanoparticle interface films 2010
2009 Characterization of room temperature metal microbolometers near the metal-insulator transition regime for scanning thermal microscopy 2009

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  • Elizabeth Covington