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2019 Affinity purification of NF1 protein–protein interactors identifies keratins and neurofibromin itself as binding partnersGenes.  10. 2019
2018 Exhaustive non-synonymous variants functionality prediction enables high resolution characterization of the neurofibromin architectureEBioMedicine.  36:508-516. 2018
2018 Neurofibromin (NF1) genetic variant structure–function analyses using a full-length mouse cDNAHuman Mutation.  39:816-821. 2018
2017 Development of a Novel Lead that Targets M. tuberculosis Polyketide Synthase 13Cell.  170:249-259.e25. 2017
2016 Behavioral and transcriptomic profiling of mice null for Lphn3, a gene implicated in ADHD and addictionMolecular Genetics and Genomic Medicine.  4:322-343. 2016
2015 High-Throughput Differentiation and Screening of a Library of Mutant Stem Cell Clones Defines New Host-Based Genes Involved in Rabies Virus InfectionSTEM CELLS.  33:2509-2522. 2015
2015 Functional genomics screening utilizing mutant mouse embryonic stem cells identifies novel radiation-response genesPLoS ONE.  10. 2015
2015 Autism-Like Behavior and Epigenetic Changes Associated with Autism as Consequences of in Utero Exposure to Environmental Pollutants in a Mouse ModelBehavioural Neurology.  2015. 2015
2015 Vapb/Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis 8 knock-in mice display slowly progressive motor behavior defects accompanying ER stress and autophagic responseHuman Molecular Genetics.  24:6515-6529. 2015
2013 Tryptophan biosynthesis protects mycobacteria from CD4 T-Cell-mediated KillingCell.  155:1296-1308. 2013
2012 Initial characterization of mice null for Lphn3, a gene implicated in ADHD and addictionBrain Research.  1463:85-92. 2012
2011 Screening of human LPHN3 for variants with a potential impact on ADHD susceptibilityAmerican Journal of Medical Genetics Part B: Neuropsychiatric Genetics.  156:11-18. 2011
2010 A common variant of the latrophilin 3 gene, LPHN3, confers susceptibility to ADHD and predicts effectiveness of stimulant medicationMolecular Psychiatry.  15:1053-1066. 2010
2010 The search for biomarkers for attention deficit/ hyperactivity disorderDrug news & perspectives.  23:438-449. 2010
2009 Polymorphisms in the neural nicotinic acetylcholine receptor α4 subunit (CHRNA4) are associated with ADHD in a genetic isolate.ADHD Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorders.  1:19-24. 2009
2009 Folate Transport and Folate Responsive Developmental Disorders.Pteridines.  20:156-162. 2009
2008 Review: Genetics of attention deficit/hyperactivity disorderJournal of Pediatric Psychology.  33:1085-1099. 2008
2008 Locus homogeneity between syndactyly type 1A and craniosynostosis Philadelphia type?American Journal of Medical Genetics.  146:2308-2311. 2008
2008 Additional EFNB1 mutations in craniofrontonasal syndromeAmerican Journal of Medical Genetics.  146:2008-2012. 2008
2007 Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder and Comorbid Disruptive Behavior Disorders: Evidence of Pleiotropy and New Susceptibility LociBiological Psychiatry.  61:1329-1339. 2007
2006 Increased prevalence of ADHD in Turner syndrome with no evidence of imprinting effectsJournal of Pediatric Psychology.  31:945-955. 2006
2005 Gfi1 functions downstream of Math1 to control intestinal secretory cell subtype allocation and differentiationGenes and Development.  19:2412-2417. 2005
2004 Growth factor independence-1 is expressed in primary human neuroendocrine lung carcinomas and mediates the differentiation of murine pulmonary neuroendocrine cellsCancer Research.  64:6874-6882. 2004
2003 The zinc finger transcription factor Gfi1, implicated in lymphomagenesis, is require for inner ear hair cell differentiation and survivalDevelopment.  130:221-232. 2003
2000 Isolation and preliminary characterization of the human and mouse homologues of the bacterial cell cycle gene EraGenomics.  67:78-82. 2000
2000 ARP3β, the gene encoding a new human actin-related protein, is alternatively spliced and predominantly expressed in brain neuronal cellsEuropean Journal of Biochemistry.  267:2921-2928. 2000
2000 Mutations in HoloprosencephalyHuman Mutation.  16:99-108. 2000
1999 Mutations in the homeodomain of the human SIX3 gene cause holoprosencephalyNature Genetics.  22:196-198. 1999
1999 Molecular mechanisms of holoprosencephalyMolecular Genetics and Metabolism.  68:126-138. 1999
1997 Genomic structure, sequence, and mapping of human FGF8 with no evidence for its role in craniosynostosis/limb defect syndromes.American Journal of Medical Genetics.  72:354-362. 1997
1997 A novel phenotypic pattern in X-linked inheritance: Craniofrontonasal syndrome maps to Xp22Human Molecular Genetics.  6:1937-1941. 1997
1997 Cytogenetic rearrangements involving the loss of the Sonic Hedgehog gene at 7q36 cause holoprosencephalyHuman Genetics.  100:172-181. 1997
1996 Comparison of polymerase chain reaction and microbiological culture for detection of salmonellae in equine feces and environmental samplesAmerican Journal of Veterinary Research.  57:780-786. 1996
1996 Molecular Characterization of Breakpoints in Patients with Holoprosencephaly and Definition of the HPE2 Critical Region 2p21Human Molecular Genetics.  5:223-229. 1996
1995 Detection of Salmonella enteritidis in equine feces using the polymerase chain reaction and genus-specific oligonucleotide primersJournal of Veterinary Diagnostic Investigation.  7:219-222. 1995
1994 Comparison of the polymerase chain reaction using genus-specific oligonucleotide primers and microbiologic culture for the detection of Salmonella in drag-swabs from poultry houses.Poultry Science.  73:1276-1281. 1994
1994 Detection of Salmonella enteritidis in feces from poultry using booster polymerase chain reaction and oligonucleotide primers specific for all members of the genus Salmonella.Poultry Science.  73:354-357. 1994
1994 Genus-specific detection of salmonellae in equine feces by use of the polymerase chain reaction.American Journal of Veterinary Research.  55:1049-1054. 1994
1994 Mapping the bovine homolog of the human cystic fibrosis geneJournal of Heredity.  85:490-492. 1994


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2009 Folate-related birth defects: Embryonic consequences of abnormal folate transport and metabolism.  155-178. 2009
2002 SIX genes 2002

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