• I was born and reared in Birmingham, Alabama, but left to complete all of my professional education and training. I returned to Birmingham and practiced plastic surgery for 31 years. During this time, I was actively teaching diverse college-level courses such as Ornamental Plant ID, Pesticides and Pest Management, and Commercial Turf Management after receiving earned degrees in both Landscape Design and Landscape Contracting. Since retirement my teaching has been aimed at the undergraduate allied health student, having taught both Anatomy and Physiology in two universities in Birmingham.

    I attempt to use my clinical background to relate current topics the students are studying to actual clinical correlates which they may face in the future. Hopefully, this approach brings life to academic topics and raises a student's excitement about his/her academic endeavors.
  • Research Overview

  • Human Anatomy, Human Physiology, and their Relationship to Health and Disease
  • Full Name

  • George Duquette