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2008 Thioredoxin-interacting protein deficiency induces Akt/Bcl-xL signaling and pancreatic beta-cell mass and protects against diabetesFederation proceedings.  22:3581-3594. 2008
2007 Exenatide blocks JAK1-STAT1 in pancreatic beta cellsMetabolism.  56:915-918. 2007
2006 Metabolism-independent sugar effects on gene transcription: The role of 3-O-methylglucoseBiochemistry.  45:11047-11051. 2006
2006 Exenatide inhibits β-cell apoptosis by decreasing thioredoxin-interacting proteinBiochemical and Biophysical Research Communications.  346:1067-1074. 2006
2006 Calciphylaxis in the absence of end-stage renal diseaseEndocrine Practice.  12:406-410. 2006

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  • Maria Couto