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2012 The Relationships among MRI-Defined Spinal Cord Involvement, Brain Involvement, and Disability in Multiple Sclerosis 2012
2011 A 3T MR imaging investigation of the topography of whole spinal cord atrophy in multiple sclerosis 2011
2009 3 T MRI relaxometry detects T2 prolongation in the cerebral normal-appearing white matter in multiple sclerosis 2009
2006 Novel image processing techniques to better understand white matter disruption in multiple sclerosis 2006
2006 Magnetic resonance and the human brain: Anatomy, function and metabolism 2006
2005 Combining classifiers using their receiver operating characteristics and maximum likelihood estimation 2005
2005 Diffusion tensor magnetic resonance imaging in multiple sclerosis 2005
2005 A global goodness-of-fit test for receiver operating characteristic curve analysis via the bootstrap method 2005
2005 Assessment of multiple sclerosis lesions with spherical harmonics comparison of MR imaging and pathologic findings 2005
2005 Capturing intraoperative deformations: Research experience at Brigham and Women's hospital 2005
2005 Statistical validation of brain tumor shape approximation via spherical harmonics for image-guided neurosurgery 2005
2004 Application of spherical harmonics derived space rotation invariant indices to the analysis of multiple sclerosis lesions' geometry by MRI 2004
2003 Three-dimensional analysis of the geometry of individual multiple sclerosis lesions: Detection of shape changes over time using spherical harmonics 2003
2001 3-D surface reconstruction of multiple sclerosis lesions using spherical harmonics 2001
1998 Automated detection and characterization of multiple sclerosis lesions in brain MR images 1998


Year Title Altmetric
2005 Studying anatomy and disease in medical images using shape analysis.  329-362. 2005

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  • Daniel Goldberg-Zimring