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2016 ROSY1, a novel regulator of gravitropic response is a stigmasterol binding protein.Journal of Plant Physiology.  196-197:28-40. 2016
2011 Arabidopsis thaliana calcium-dependent lipid-binding protein (AtCLB): a novel repressor of abiotic stress response.Journal of Experimental Botany.  62:2679-2689. 2011
2010 Role of inositol 1,4,5-triphosphate signalling in gravitropic and phototropic gene expression.Plant, Cell and Environment.  33:2041-2055. 2010
2010 Increasing inositol (1,4,5)-trisphosphate metabolism affects drought tolerance, carbohydrate metabolism and phosphate-sensitive biomass increases in tomato.Plant Biotechnology Journal.  8:170-183. 2010
2005 Co-expression and hormonal regulation of genes in response to gravity and mechanical stimulation in the Arabidopsis root apex.Gravitational and space biology bulletin : publication of the American Society for Gravitational and Space Biology.  18:117-118. 2005
2005 Gravity and light: integrating transcriptional regulation in roots.Gravitational and space biology bulletin : publication of the American Society for Gravitational and Space Biology.  18:121-122. 2005
2004 The fast and transient transcriptional network of gravity and mechanical stimulation in the Arabidopsis root apex.Plant Physiology.  136:2790-2805. 2004
2003 Changes in vacuolation in the root apex cells of soybean seedlings in microgravity.Advances in Space Research.  31:2283-2288. 2003
2001 The interaction of microgravity and ethylene on the ultrastructure cell and Ca2+ localization in soybean hook hypocotyl.Journal of Gravitational Physiology.  8:P49-P50. 2001
2001 Composition and physical properties of starch in microgravity-grown plants.Advances in Space Research.  28:651-658. 2001
2001 Cytochemical localization of calcium in soybean root cap cells in microgravity.Advances in Space Research.  27:967-972. 2001
2000 Microgravity mediated changes in phytoferritin accumulation in soybean root cap cells.Journal of Gravitational Physiology.  7:P79-P80. 2000
1999 Electron-cytochemical study of Ca2+ in cotyledon cells of soybean seedlings grown in microgravity.Journal of Gravitational Physiology.  6:P123-P124. 1999
1999 Ultrastructural organization of cells in soybean root tips in microgravity.Journal of Gravitational Physiology.  6:P97-P98. 1999
1999 Ground-based studies and space experiment with potato leaf explants.Festival Management and Event Tourism.  6:97-106. 1999
1998 Changes in Arabidopsis leaf ultrastructure, chlorophyll and carbohydrate content during spaceflight depend on ventilation.Annals of Botany.  81:503-512. 1998
1998 Blue light requirements for crop plants used in bioregenerative life support systems.Festival Management and Event Tourism.  5:119-128. 1998
1998 Development and growth of potato tubers in microgravity.Advances in Space Research.  21:1103-1110. 1998
1998 Life cycle experiments with Arabidopsis grown under red light-emitting diodes (LEDs).Festival Management and Event Tourism.  5:143-149. 1998
1997 Structure of potato tubers formed during spaceflight.Journal of Experimental Botany.  48:2037-2043. 1997
1997 Photomorphogenesis, photosynthesis, and seed yield of wheat plants grown under red light-emitting diodes (LEDs) with and without supplemental blue lightingJournal of Experimental Botany.  48:1407-1413. 1997
1997 Plastid distribution in columella cells of a starchless Arabidopsis mutant grown in microgravity.Plant and Cell Physiology.  38:490-494. 1997
1997 Anatomical features of pepper plants (Capsicum annuum L.) grown under red light-emitting diodes supplemented with blue or far-red light.Annals of Botany.  79:273-282. 1997
1997 Spectral quality affects disease development of three pathogens on hydroponically grown plants.HortScience.  32:96-100. 1997
1997 Potato tuber formation in the spaceflight environment.Festival Management and Event Tourism.  4:71-76. 1997
1996 The plant research unit: Long-term plant growth support for Space StationEsa Sp.  43-48. 1996
1996 Clinorotation affects morphology and ethylene production in soybean seedlings.Plant and Cell Physiology.  37:929-934. 1996
1996 Growth and photosynthetic responses of wheat plants grown in space.Plant Physiology.  110:801-806. 1996
1996 Infrared light-emitting diode radiation causes gravitropic and morphological effects in dark-grown oat seedlings.Photochemistry and Photobiology.  63:238-242. 1996
1996 Optimization of moisture content for wheat seedling germination in a cellulose acetate medium for a space flight experiment.Advances in Space Research.  18:239-242. 1996
1995 Cortical microtubules in sweet clover columella cells developed in microgravity.Plant and Cell Physiology.  36:1387-1392. 1995
1995 Effects of clinorotation and microgravity on sweet clover columella cells treated with cytochalasin D.Physiologia Plantarum.  95:267-273. 1995
1995 Growth and photomorphogenesis of pepper plants under red light-emitting diodes with supplemental blue or far-red lighting.Journal of the American Society for Horticultural Science.  120:808-813. 1995
1995 Microgravity and clinorotation cause redistribution of free calcium in sweet clover columella cells.Plant and Cell Physiology.  36:831-837. 1995
1995 Protein expression in Arabidopsis thaliana after chronic clinorotation.Journal of Plant Physiology.  146:329-332. 1995
1995 Root-shoot interaction in the greening of wheat seedlings grown under red light.Plant Physiology.  107:407-411. 1995
1995 Clinorotation affects soybean seedling morphology.Journal of Gravitational Physiology.  2:P149-P150. 1995
1995 Effects of microgravity and clinorotation on stress ethylene production in two starchless mutants of Arabidopsis thaliana.Journal of Gravitational Physiology.  2:P153-P154. 1995
1995 Effects of stress ethylene inhibitors on sweet clover (Melilotus alba L.) seedling growth in microgravity.Journal of Gravitational Physiology.  2:P151-P152. 1995
1995 The Fluid Processing Apparatus: from flight hardware to electron micrographs.Journal of Gravitational Physiology.  2:P165-P166. 1995
1994 Porous Tube Plant Nutrient Delivery System development: a device for nutrient delivery in microgravity.Advances in Space Research.  14:47-51. 1994
1994 Spectral quality may be used to alter plant disease development in CELSS.Advances in Space Research.  14:395-398. 1994
1994 The influence of altered gravity on carbohydrate metabolism in excised wheat leaves.Journal of Plant Physiology.  144:696-699. 1994
1994 Soybean cotyledon starch metabolism is sensitive to altered gravity conditions.Advances in Space Research.  14:107-110. 1994
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1992 The Vacuum-Operated Nutrient Delivery System: hydroponics for microgravity.HortScience.  27:1183-1185. 1992
1992 Hydrotropism in pea roots in a porous-tube water delivery system.HortScience.  27:430-432. 1992
1989 Transcription, organization, and sequence of an auxin-regulated gene cluster in soybean.Plant Cell.  1:229-239. 1989
1987 Photosynthesis, reserve mobilization and enzymes of sucrose metabolism in soybean (Glycine max) cotyledonsPhysiologia Plantarum.  70:537-543. 1987


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2008 Plan(t)s for Space Exploration.  183-195. 2008

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