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Year Title Altmetric
2015 Factors Associated with Missed Psychiatry Visits in an Urban HIV Clinic 2015
2014 Factors Associated with Missed Psychiatry Visits in an Urban HIV Clinic 2014
2014 A qualitative assessment of internal medicine resident perceptions of graduate medical education following implementation of the 2011 ACGME duty hour standards 2014
2014 Exploration of an automated approach for receiving patient feedback after outpatient acute care visits 2014
2014 Gamification as a tool for enhancing graduate medical education 2014
2013 Closing the feedback loop: An interactive voice response system to provide follow-up and feedback in primary care settings 2013
2013 Effect of persistency of first-line HIV antiretroviral therapy on clinical outcomes 2013
2013 Maraviroc observational study: The impact of expanded resistance testing and clinical considerations for antiretroviral regimen selection in treatment-experienced patients 2013
2013 Telephone follow-up in primary care: Can interactive voice response calls work? 2013
2012 Patient reported outcomes in routine care: Advancing data capture for HIV cohort research 2012
2011 The role of toxicity-related regimen changes in the development of antiretroviral resistance 2011
2011 Temporal Trends in presentation for outpatient HIV Medical Care 2000-2010: Implications for short-term mortality 2011
2011 Underutilization of the AIDS drug assistance program: Associated factors and policy implications 2011
2010 Darunavir outcomes study: Comparative effectiveness of virologic suppression, regimen durability, and discontinuation reasons for three-class experienced patients at 48 weeks 2010
2010 From access to engagement: Measuring retention in outpatient HIV clinical care 2010
2010 Cost ramifications of increased reporting of detectable plasma HIV-1 RNA levels by the roche COBAS ampliprep/COBAS TaqMan HIV-1 Version 1.0 viral load test 2010
2010 Routine, self-administered, touch-screen, computer-based suicidal ideation assessment linked to automated response team notification in an HIV primary care setting 2010

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  • Christa Nevin