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2019 Early time-restricted feeding improves 24-hour glucose levels and affects markers of the circadian clock, aging, and autophagy in humans 2019
2018 Circadian regulation of glucose, lipid, and energy metabolism in humans 2018
2018 Early Time-Restricted Feeding Improves Insulin Sensitivity, Blood Pressure, and Oxidative Stress Even without Weight Loss in Men with Prediabetes 2018
2018 Role of resistant starch on diabetes risk factors in people with prediabetes: Design, conduct, and baseline results of the STARCH trial 2018
2017 The use of tri-ponderal mass index and other indices in estimating visceral body fat percentages in adolescents 2017
2017 Tri-ponderal mass index vs body mass index in estimating body fat during adolescence 2017
2017 Establishing energy requirements for body weight maintenance: Validation of an intake-balance method NCT01672632 NCT 2017
2017 Eight weeks of overfeeding alters substrate partitioning without affecting metabolic flexibility in men 2017
2017 Brown adipose tissue does not seem to mediate metabolic adaptation to overfeeding in men 2017
2017 A new universal dynamic model to describe eating rate and cumulative intake curves 2017
2016 Video chat technology to remotely quantify dietary, supplement and medication adherence in clinical trials 2016
2016 Impact of different fecal processing methods on assessments of bacterial diversity in the human intestine 2016
2016 Lifestyle modification intervention improves glycemic control in Mongolian adults who are overweight or obese with newly diagnosed type 2 diabetes. 2016
2016 Universal equation for estimating ideal body weight and body weight at any BMI 2016
2016 Why are there race/ethnic differences in adult body mass index-adiposity relationships? A quantitative critical review 2016
2016 The thermogenic responses to overfeeding and cold are differentially regulated 2016
2015 Physical Activity and the Missing Calories 2015
2015 Scaling of adult regional body mass and body composition as a whole to height: Relevance to body shape and body mass index 2015
2014 Glycemic control is impaired in the evening in prediabetes through multiple diurnal rhythms 2014
2014 MITEoR: A scalable interferometer for precision 21 cm cosmology 2014
2014 Scaling of adult body weight to height across sex and race/ethnic groups: Relevance to BMI 2014
2014 Ten nights of moderate hypoxia improves insulin sensitivity in obese humans 2014
2013 Ten nights of moderate hypoxia improves insulin sensitivity in obese humans 2013
2013 Relationships between body roundness with body fat and visceral adipose tissue emerging from a new geometrical model 2013
2013 Resveratrol vs. calorie restriction: Data from rodents to humans 2013
2013 Testing multifield inflation: A geometric approach 2013
2012 Skeletal muscle mitochondria and aging: A review 2012
2012 Evolving concepts on adjusting human resting energy expenditure measurements for body size 2012
2011 Non-Gaussianity in two-field inflation 2011
2011 Testing two-field inflation 2011
2002 Sphingosine-1-phosphate phosphohydrolase in regulation of sphingolipid metabolism and apoptosis. 2002
2002 Sphingosine-1-phosphate and lipid phosphohydrolases. 2002
2002 Characterization of murine sphingosine-1-phosphate phosphohydrolase. 2002
2001 Lost variables in Sagittarius and Cygnus recovered on Nantucket plates. 2001
2000 Molecular cloning and characterization of a lipid phosphohydrolase that degrades sphingosine-1- phosphate and induces cell death. 2000

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  • Courtney Peterson