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1993 Interactions of cell-surface galactosyltransferase with immunoglobulins.Molecular Immunology.  30:265-275. 1993
1993 Interactions of galactosyltransferase with serum and secretory immunoglobulins and their component chains.Molecular Immunology.  30:277-286. 1993
1987 Heterogeneity of binding of monoclonal IgA to staphylococcal protein A is related to the IgA polymerization state.Immunology Letters.  16:11-14. 1987
1987 The infectious etiology of chronic rheumatic diseases.Seminars in Arthritis and Rheumatism.  17:1-23. 1987
1986 Interleukin 1-like factor produced by a hybrid of an adherent mouse spleen cell and a thymoma cell.Immunology Letters.  13:143-149. 1986
1986 The stoichiometry of J chain in human secretory dimeric IgA.Molecular Immunology.  23:541-544. 1986
1985 Secondary structure of the immunoglobulin J chain. (circular dichroism/hydrophobicity profile/tertiary structure/antiparallel β-barrel)Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.  82:5905-5909. 1985
1984 Partial characterisation of the high and low molecular weight forms of P388D1-derived interleukin 1.Journal of Cellular Biochemistry.  26:65-73. 1984
1981 Interleukin 1: production by P388D1 cells attached to microcarrier beads.Journal of Immunological Methods.  46:197-204. 1981
1976 Antibodies to human native and denatured collagens in synovial fluids of patients with rheumatoid arthritis.Clinical immunology and immunopathology.  6:209-212. 1976

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