Nuclear Medicine Tech Program

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    Amy Brady, Assistant Professor and Interim Program Director for Nuclear Medicine Tech Program (P)

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    Emily Caffrey, Assistant Professor (P)

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    Muhammad Maqbool, Associate Professor (P)

    My name is Muhammad Maqbool. I work as an Associate Professor of Health Physics in the Department of Clinical & Diagnostic Sciences, School of Health Professions at UAB, since May 2017. I have obtained my Ph.D. degree in Condensed Matter Physics & Photonics from Ohio University, USA. I have obtained M.S. degree in Medical & Radiation Physics from the University of Birmingham, UK. I got my first degree from the University of Peshawar, Pakistan. Before joining UAB as a faculty member, I worked as ...

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    Remo George, Assistant Professor (P)

    I have a background in biochemistry, biophysics, nuclear medicine and molecular imaging sciences, with training and expertise in radioisotope applications in medicine, nanotechnology, and cancer biology. I have taught courses for undergraduate and graduate health sciences students in a problem-based learning approach for many years. I have a record of successful post-doctoral research which includes the use of nanoparticles for modulation of free radicals in radiation therapy, and the upregulati...

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    Elizabeth Cloyd, Credentialed Course Instructor 2011 -

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