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2019 n-Ethyl Pentylone-Related Deaths in Alabama.Journal of Forensic Sciences.  64:304-308. 2019
2017 Quantification of Loperamide by Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry.Journal of Analytical Toxicology.  41:729-734. 2017
2008 The relationship of drug abuse to unexplained sudden death.Archives of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine.  132:1903-1906. 2008
2007 Performance of the Sebia CAPILLARYS 2 for detection and immunotyping of serum monoclonal paraproteins.American Journal of Clinical Pathology.  128:293-299. 2007
2005 High urine ethanol and negative blood and vitreous ethanol in a diabetic woman: a case report, retrospective case survey, and review of the literature.American Journal of Forensic Medicine and Pathology.  26:96-98. 2005
2005 Unexplained sudden death and the likelihood of drug abuse.Journal of Forensic Sciences.  50:419-422. 2005
2004 Pathologic quiz case: repeated positive ethylene glycol levels by gas chromatography. Central venous line contamination of blood samples by propylene glycol from intravenous lorazepam injections.Archives of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine.  128:e79-e80. 2004
2004 Overestimation of HDL-cholesterol using a homogeneous "direct" assay.Journal of Clinical Laboratory Analysis.  18:42-44. 2004
2003 Utilization, reliability, and clinical impact of point-of-care testing during critical care transport: six years of experience.Clinical Chemistry.  49:1017-1019. 2003
2003 Polydrug fatality involving metaxalone.Journal of Forensic Sciences.  48:432-434. 2003
2002 A review of methadone deaths in Jefferson County, Alabama.American Journal of Forensic Medicine and Pathology.  23:299-304. 2002
2002 Comparison of non-diglyceride- and diglyceride-based assays for pancreatic lipase activity.Journal of Clinical Laboratory Analysis.  16:52-55. 2002
2002 Detection of ketosis in vitreous at autopsy after embalming.Journal of Forensic Sciences.  47:221-223. 2002
2000 Evaluation of a homogeneous direct LDL-cholesterol assay in diabetic patients: effect of glycemic control.Clinical Chemistry.  46:1848-1851. 2000
2000 An unusual multiple drug intoxication case involving citalopram.Journal of Analytical Toxicology.  24:648-650. 2000
2000 Correlation of the incidence of cocaine and cocaethylene in hair and postmortem biologic samples.American Journal of Forensic Medicine and Pathology.  21:166-171. 2000
2000 Evaluation of the Beckman Coulter LX20 clinical chemistry analyzerLaboratory Medicine.  31:387-393. 2000
2000 New automated chemiluminescent assay for erythropoietin.Journal of Clinical Laboratory Analysis.  14:271-273. 2000
1999 Detection of azide in forensic samples by capillary electrophoresis.Journal of Forensic Sciences.  44:1310-1313. 1999
1999 Evaluation of a fully automated high-performance liquid chromatography assay for hemoglobin A1c.Archives of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine.  123:763-767. 1999
1999 Postmortem diagnosis of unsuspected diabetes mellitus established by determination of decedent's hemoglobin A1c level.Journal of Forensic Sciences.  44:643-646. 1999
1999 False-positive cardiac troponin I results: Two case reportsLaboratory Medicine.  30:610-612. 1999
1998 Fatal multiple drug intoxication following acute sertraline use.Journal of Analytical Toxicology.  22:545-548. 1998
1998 Low serum antimycobacterial drug levels in non-HIV-infected tuberculosis patients.Chest.  113:1178-1183. 1998
1997 Detection of alprazolam in three cases of methadone/benzodiazepine overdose.Journal of Forensic Sciences.  42:155-156. 1997
1995 False-positive postmortem EMIT drugs-of-abuse assay due to lactate dehydrogenase and lactate in urine.Journal of Analytical Toxicology.  19:554-556. 1995
1995 High-performance liquid chromatography of alprazolam in postmortem blood using solid-phase extraction.Journal of Analytical Toxicology.  19:511-513. 1995
1993 Death attributed to ethyl chloride.Journal of Analytical Toxicology.  17:384-385. 1993
1993 Case report: alpha G-Philadelphia, beta O-Arab, and beta C globins present in a single patient.American Journal of the Medical Sciences.  305:307-311. 1993
1992 Microalbuminuria associated with diabetic neuropathy.Diabetes Care.  15:528-531. 1992
1991 Acute tolerance to the hypnotic effect of morphine in rats.Anesthesia and Analgesia.  73:619-621. 1991
1991 Acute tolerance in morphine analgesia: continuous infusion and single injection in rats.Anesthesiology.  74:166-171. 1991
1990 Screening for slight albuminuria: a comparison of selected commercially available methods.Southern Medical Journal.  83:1447-1449. 1990
1990 Analysis of 8-methoxypsoralen by high-performance liquid chromatography.Clinical Chemistry.  36:1956-1957. 1990
1989 Diazepam--morphine hypnotic synergism in rats.Anesthesiology.  70:689-694. 1989
1988 Lactate dehydrogenase isolated from human liver mitochondria: its purification and partial biochemical characterization.Clinical Biochemistry.  21:231-237. 1988
1987 Mineral content of bone: measurement by energy subtraction digital chest radiography.American Journal of Roentgenology.  149:1199-1202. 1987
1987 Accuracy of three methods for predicting concentrations of free phenytoin.Clinical pharmacy.  6:888-894. 1987
1986 Calcification in pulmonary nodules: detection with dual-energy digital radiography.Radiology.  160:595-601. 1986
1986 Potential value of digital radiography. Preliminary observations on the use of dual-energy subtraction in the evaluation of pulmonary nodules.Chest.  89:249S-252S. 1986
1985 Interference with high performance liquid chromatographic chloramphenicol assay in a patient receiving dobutamine.Therapeutic Drug Monitoring.  7:121-122. 1985
1984 Abnormal lactate dehydrogenase isoenzyme pattern in a critically ill patient.Southern Medical Journal.  77:921-923. 1984
1984 LD-6 isoenzyme and lactate-independent dehydrogenase differ.Clinical Chemistry.  30:1269-1271. 1984
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1983 Propylene glycol interference with ethylene glycol procedures.Clinical Chemistry.  29:727. 1983
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1983 Monitoring of cyclosporin A: is it possible?Therapeutic Drug Monitoring.  5:371-372. 1983
1982 Laboratory evaluation of the Boehringer Mannheim "Diagnostic M" automated discrete analyzer.Clinical Chemistry.  28:105-109. 1982
1981 Interference by Liposyn with common laboratory tests.Clinical Chemistry.  27:1473. 1981
1981 Quantitation of plasma warfarin concentrations by high performance liquid chormatography.Therapeutic Drug Monitoring.  3:287-290. 1981
1979 Development of an automated theophylline procedure for the Union Carbide CentriaClinical Chemistry.  25. 1979
1978 Acetazolamide interference with theophylline analysis by high-performance liquid chromatography.Clinical Chemistry.  24:2208-2209. 1978
1978 Cephalosporin antibiotic interference with analysis for theophylline by high-performance liquid chromatography.Clinical Chemistry.  24:1847. 1978
1978 Simple method for estimating glycosylated hemoglobins, and its application to evaluation of diabetic patients.Clinical Chemistry.  24:1708-1710. 1978
1978 Histologic grading of Wilms' tumor as potential prognostic factor: results of a retrospective study of 26 patients.Cancer.  41:1199-1207. 1978
1978 Pitfalls of the alcohol dehydrogenase procedure for the emergency assay of alcohol: a case study of isopropanol overdose.Clinical Chemistry.  24:383-385. 1978
1977 Evaluation of the Union Carbide T3-uptake radioimmunoassay kits for the "Centria" system.Clinical Chemistry.  23:2173-2174. 1977
1977 Noncorrelation between serum gold and complement concentrations.Clinical Chemistry.  23:301. 1977
1976 Letter: Evaluation of an enzymatic cholesterol method.Clinical Chemistry.  22:1542-1543. 1976
1975 Evaluation of an automated glucose-oxidase procedure.Clinical Chemistry.  21:1513-1514. 1975
1973 Intralaboratory comparison of enzymatic analysis on the Gemsaec, Clinicard, and technicon SMA-12-60.American Journal of Clinical Pathology.  60:885-889. 1973
1972 Improved direct automated method for serum urea nitrogen.Clinical Chemistry.  18:591. 1972

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