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2019 Koos Classification of Vestibular Schwannomas: A Reliability Study 2019
2019 Thoracolumbar Injury Classification and Severity Score in Children: A Validity Study 2019
2019 Antiplatelet Medication and Operative Subdural Hematomas: A Retrospective Cohort Study Evaluating Reoperation Rates 2019
2019 Inter-rater reliability of the modified Medical Research Council scale in patients with chronic incomplete spinal cord injury 2019
2019 Assessment of the Reliability of the Fiberoptic Endoscopic Evaluation of Swallowing as an Outcome Measure in Patients Undergoing Revision Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion 2019
2018 Complications following pediatric cranioplasty after decompressive craniectomy: A multicenter retrospective study 2018
2018 Clinical Utility of Serum Procalcitonin Level and Infection in the Neurosurgical Intensive Care Unit 2018
2018 Thoracolumbar Injury Classification and Severity Score in children: A reliability study 2018
2018 Voice and swallowing outcomes following reoperative anterior cervical discectomy and fusion with a 2-team surgical approach 2018
2018 Suboccipital Craniotomy Versus Craniectomy: A Survey of Practice Patterns 2018
2017 Implications of transitioning to a resident night float system in neurosurgery: Mortality, length of stay, and resident experience 2017
2016 Recurrent laryngeal nerve injury following reoperative anterior cervical discectomy and fusion: A meta-analysis 2016
2016 Effect of resident handoffs on length of hospital and intensive care unit stay in a neurosurgical population: A cohort study 2016
2016 Predictors of delayed recovery following pediatric sports-related concussion: A case-control study 2016
2015 Assessment of driving outcomes after epilepsy surgery 2015
2014 Use of online sources of information by dental practitioners: Findings from the Dental Practice-Based Research Network 2014
2014 A phase 1 trial of oncolytic HSV-1, g207, given in combination with radiation for recurrent GBM demonstrates safety and radiographic responses 2014
2014 Observer reliability of arteriovenous malformations grading scales using current imaging modalities: Clinical article 2014
2013 Validation and modification of a predictive model of postresection hydrocephalus in pediatric patients with posterior fossa tumors 2013
2012 Large-scale clinical endodontic research in the national dental practice-based research network: Study overview and methods 2012
2010 Multiple uncontrolled conditions and blood pressure medication intensification: An observational study 2010
2006 Migration patterns following HIV diagnosis among adults residing in the nonurban Deep South 2006
2004 Relationship between adherence to study and clinic visits in systemic lupus erythematosus patients: Data from the LUMINA cohort 2004

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