Selected Publications

Academic Article

Year Title Altmetric
2019 Effects of Statin Treatment on Outcomes after Traumatic Brain Injury 2019
2018 The effect of donepezil on the cognitive ability early in the course of recovery from traumatic brain injury 2018
2017 Natural history of headache five years after traumatic brain injury 2017
2014 Zolpidem and restoration of consciousness. 2014
2011 Natural history of headache after traumatic brain injury 2011
2010 Impact of early administration of sertraline on cognitive and behavioral recovery in the first year after moderate to severe traumatic brain injury 2010
2010 Prophylaxis for venous thromboembolism during rehabilitation for traumatic brain injury: A multicenter observational study 2010
2009 Impact of early administration of sertraline on depressive symptoms in the first year after traumatic brain injury 2009
2009 A Preliminary Assessment of the Benefits of the Addition of Botulinum Toxin A to a Conventional Therapy Program on the Function of People With Longstanding Stroke 2009
2005 A descriptive study of pain and quality of life following Guillain-Barré syndrome: One year later 2005
2004 Orally Delivered Baclofen to Control Spastic Hypertonia in Acquired Brain Injury 2004
2003 Cyproheptadine for intrathecal baclofen withdrawal. 2003
2003 Screening for venous thromboembolism in traumatic brain injury: Limitations of D-dimer assay 2003
2003 Letters to the Editor 2003
2002 Amantadine to improve neurorecovery in traumatic brain injury-associated diffuse axonal injury: A pilot double-blind randomized trial 2002
2001 Intrathecal baclofen for spastic hypertonia from stroke 2001

Education And Training

  • Baptist Medical Center - Montclair, Internship 1995
  • UAB Hospital, Residency 1998
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  • Robert Brunner