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2018 Association of Fibroblast Growth Factor 23 With Risk of Incident Coronary Heart Disease in Community-Living Adults.JAMA Cardiology.  3:318-325. 2018
2016 Response by GutiĆ©rrez et al to Letter Regarding Article, "Hemoglobin Concentration and Risk of Incident Stroke in Community-Living Adults".Stroke.  47:e260. 2016
2016 Associations of 25-hydroxyvitamin D with markers of inflammation, insulin resistance and obesity in black and white community-dwelling adults.Journal of Clinical and Translational Endocrinology.  5:21-25. 2016
2016 Hemoglobin Concentration and Risk of Incident Stroke in Community-Living Adults.Stroke.  47:2017-2024. 2016
2016 Disorders of Iron Metabolism and Anemia in Chronic Kidney Disease.Seminars in Nephrology.  36:252-261. 2016
2016 Vitamin D deficiency and incident stroke risk in community-living black and white adults.International Journal of Stroke.  11:93-102. 2016
2016 Vitamin D, Fibroblast Growth Factor 23 and Incident Cognitive Impairment: Findings from the REGARDS Study.PLoS ONE.  11:e0165671. 2016
2016 Waist Circumference, Body Mass Index, and ESRD in the REGARDS (Reasons for Geographic and Racial Differences in Stroke) Study.American Journal of Kidney Diseases.  67:62-69. 2016
2015 Obesity, metabolic health, and the risk of end-stage renal disease.Kidney International.  87:1216-1222. 2015
2015 Fibroblast growth factor 23 and risk of incident stroke in community-living adults.Stroke.  46:322-328. 2015
2013 Risk of vancomycin-induced nephrotoxicity in the population with chronic kidney disease.American Journal of the Medical Sciences.  345:396-399. 2013
Effect of calcitriol on serum hepcidin in individuals with chronic kidney disease: a randomized controlled trial.BMC Nephrology.  19:35.

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