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2022 Developing 3D Organoid Raft Cultures from Patient-Derived Xenografts as Rapid Models to Screen Efficacy of Experimental TherapeuticsInternational Journal of Molecular Sciences.  23. 2022
2021 Oncogenic HPV promotes the expression of the long noncoding RNA lnc-FANCI-2 through E7 and YY1 2021
2019 Combined mTORC1/mTORC2 inhibition blocks growth and induces catastrophic macropinocytosis in cancer cells 2019
2019 Targeting dna damage response as a strategy to treat hpv infectionsInternational Journal of Molecular Sciences.  20. 2019
2019 NVN1000, a novel nitric oxide-releasing compound, inhibits HPV-18 virus production by interfering with E6 and E7 oncoprotein functionsAntiviral Research.  170. 2019
2019 Genome-wide profiling of cervical rna-binding proteins identifies human papillomavirus regulation of rnaseh2a expression by viral e7 and e2f1mBio.  10. 2019
2018 Vorinostat, a pan-HDAC inhibitor, abrogates productive HPV-18 DNA amplification 2018
2018 Evaluation of ODE-Bn-PMEG, an acyclic nucleoside phosphonate prodrug, as an antiviral against productive HPV infection in 3D organotypic epithelial culturesAntiviral Research.  150:164-173. 2018
2016 The universal 3D3 antibody of human PODXL is pluripotent cytotoxic, and identifies a residual population after extended differentiation of pluripotent stem cellsStem Cells and Development.  25:556-568. 2016
2016 Conditioned media from adipose-derived stromal cells accelerates healing in 3-dimensional skin culturesAnnals of Plastic Surgery.  76:446-452. 2016
2014 MicroRNAs are biomarkers of oncogenic human papillomavirus infections 2014
2013 HPV-18 E6 mutants reveal p53 modulation of viral DNA amplification in organotypic cultures 2013
2012 Adipose-derived stromal cells accelerate wound healing in an organotypic raft culture modelAnnals of Plastic Surgery.  68:501-504. 2012
2011 PIK3CA-mediated PI3-kinase signalling is essential for HPV-induced transformation in vitroMolecular Cancer.  10. 2011
2011 Human papillomavirus (HPV) E7 induces prolonged G2 following S phase reentry in differentiated human keratinocytesJournal of Biological Chemistry.  286:15473-15482. 2011
2010 Destabilization of TIP60 by Human Papillomavirus E6 Results in Attenuation of TIP60-Dependent Transcriptional Regulation and Apoptotic PathwayMolecular Cell.  38:700-711. 2010
2009 Oncogenic HPV infection interrupts the expression of tumor-suppressive miR-34a through viral oncoprotein E6RNA.  15:637-647. 2009
2009 Promotion of incisional wound repair by human mesenchymal stem cell transplantationExperimental Dermatology.  18:362-369. 2009
2008 Casein kinase II motif-dependent phosphorylation of human papillomavirus E7 protein promotes p130 degradation and S-phase induction in differentiated human keratinocytesJournal of Virology.  82:4862-4873. 2008
2007 Mesenchymal stem cells as a vehicle for targeted delivery of CRAds to lung metastases of breast carcinomaBreast Cancer Research and Treatment.  105:157-167. 2007
2007 Effect of adenoviral mediated overexpression of fibromodulin on human dermal fibroblasts and scar formation in full-thickness incisional woundsJournal of Molecular Medicine.  85:481-496. 2007
2006 Strategies to enhance transductional efficiency of adenoviral-based gene transfer to primary human fibroblasts and keratinocytes as a platform in dermal woundsWound Repair and Regeneration.  14:608-617. 2006
2006 Conditionally activated E7 proteins of high-risk and low-risk human papillomaviruses induce S phase in postmitotic, differentiated human keratinocytesJournal of Virology.  80:6517-6524. 2006
2005 Cloning and characterization of partial promoter of HMGCoA reductase from Andrographis paniculata (Burm.f.) Wall.ex nees - A tropical medicinal plantJournal of Plant Biochemistry and Biotechnology.  14:41-44. 2005
2005 Preclinical evaluation of transcriptional targeting strategies for carcinoma of the breast in a tissue slice model systemBreast Cancer Research.  7:R1141-R1152. 2005
2005 Retrovirus-mediated gene transfer to analyze HPV gene regulation and protein functions in organotypic "raft" cultures.Methods in Molecular Medicine.  119:187-202. 2005
2004 Clonal selection for transcriptionally active viral oncogenes during progression to cancerJournal of Virology.  78:11172-11186. 2004
2004 Global effects of human papillomavirus type 18 E6/E7 in an organotypic keratinocyte culture systemJournal of Virology.  78:9041-9050. 2004
2004 Analyses of melanoma-targeted oncolytic adenoviruses with tyrosinase enhancer/promoter-driven E1A, E4, or both in submerged cells and organotypic culturesMolecular Cancer Therapeutics.  3:437-449. 2004
2003 Activation of adenovirus early promoters and lytic phase in differentiated strata of organotypic cultures of human keratinocytesJournal of Virology.  77:6533-6540. 2003
2002 The promoter of the human proliferating cell nuclear antigen gene is not sufficient for cell cycle-dependent regulation in organotypic cultures of keratinocytesJournal of Biological Chemistry.  277:17271-17280. 2002
2001 Development of interspecific somatic hybrid cell lines in cultivated jute and their early characterization using jute chloroplast RFLP markerPlant Breeding.  120:439-444. 2001
2001 Genetic analysis of somaclonal variation among callus-derived plants of tomatoCurrent Science.  80:1213-1215. 2001
2000 Prenatal gene transfer: Scientific, medical, and ethical issues: A report of the recombinant DNA advisory committeeHuman gene therapy. Clinical development.  11:1211-1229. 2000
2000 Genetic variation and micropropagation in three varieties of Piper longum L.Current Science.  78:169-173. 2000
1999 Male-sex-associated RAPD markers in Piper longum L.Current Science.  77:693-695. 1999

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  • Doctor of Philosophy in Botany / Plant Biology, University of Calcutta 1994
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  • Nilam Banerjee