Selected Publications

Academic Article

Year Title Altmetric
2018 HIV Standard of Care for ART Adherence and Retention in Care Among HIV Medical Care Providers Across Four CNICS Clinics in the US.AIDS and Behavior2018
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2017 The Relationship Between Third-year Clerkship Allocation Method and Specialty ChoiceGHS Proc.  2:38-42. 2017
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2007 A psychosocial self-management program for epilepsy: a randomized pilot study in adults.Epilepsy and Behavior.  11:533-545. 2007

Education And Training

  • Bachelor's Degree in Health Occupations Teacher Education, University of Pittsburgh
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Public Health Education and Promotion, University of Alabama at Birmingham
  • Full Name

  • Anne Zinski
  • Blazerid

  • azinski