Selected Publications

Academic Article

Year Title Altmetric
2018 Blocking PD1/PDL1 Interactions Together with MLN4924 Therapy is a Potential Strategy for Glioma Treatment.Journal of Cancer Science and Therapy.  10:190-197. 2018
2017 Hu antigen R (HuR) multimerization contributes to glioma disease progression.Journal of Biological Chemistry.  292:16999-17010. 2017
2015 Growth factor dependent regulation of centrosome function and genomic instability by HuR.Biomolecules.  5:263-281. 2015
2014 The role of Src family kinases in growth and migration of glioma stem cells.International Journal of Oncology.  45:302-310. 2014
2012 Phosphoregulation of the RNA-binding protein Hu antigen R (HuR) by Cdk5 affects centrosome function.Journal of Biological Chemistry.  287:32277-32287. 2012
2011 The RNA-binding protein HuR promotes glioma growth and treatment resistance.Cell Growth and Differentiation.  9:648-659. 2011
2009 Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis-linked mutant SOD1 sequesters Hu antigen R (HuR) and TIA-1-related protein (TIAR): implications for impaired post-transcriptional regulation of vascular endothelial growth factor.Journal of Biological Chemistry.  284:33989-33998. 2009
2004 Evidence that the TM1-TM2 loop contributes to the rho1 GABA receptor pore.Journal of Biological Chemistry.  279:20906-20914. 2004
2001 Recombinant GABA(C) receptors expressed in rat hippocampal neurons after infection with an adenovirus containing the human rho1 subunit.Journal of Physiology.  535:145-153. 2001
2000 Regulation of recombinant gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA)(A) and GABA(C) receptors by protein kinase C.Molecular Pharmacology.  57:847-856. 2000
1999 Evidence for phosphorylation-dependent internalization of recombinant human rho1 GABAC receptors.Journal of Physiology.  518 ( Pt 2):385-399. 1999
1996 Calcium-induced inactivation of NMDA receptor-channels evolves independently of run-down in cultured rat brain neurones.Journal of Physiology.  495:411-427. 1996
1995 Calcium-dependent inactivation of heteromeric NMDA receptor-channels expressed in human embryonic kidney cells.Journal of Physiology.  482:567-573. 1995
1994 Kainate-induced inactivation of NMDA currents via an elevation of intracellular Ca2+ in hippocampal neuronsJournal of Neurophysiology.  72:456-465. 1994

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  • Doctor of Philosophy Level Degree in Biology, Moscow State University named after M.V. Lomonosov
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  • Natalia Filippova
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