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2018 Systematic reanalysis of genomic data improves quality of variant interpretation.Clinical Genetics.  94:174-178. 2018
2018 Genomic sequencing identifies secondary findings in a cohort of parent study participants.Genetics in Medicine.  20:1635-1643. 2018
2017 Genomic diagnosis for children with intellectual disability and/or developmental delay.Genome Medicine.  9:43. 2017
2013 Hyperforin modulates dendritic spine morphology in hippocampal pyramidal neurons by activating Ca(2+) -permeable TRPC6 channels.Hippocampus.  23:40-52. 2013
2012 Intracellular Ca2+ stores and Ca2+ influx are both required for BDNF to rapidly increase quantal vesicular transmitter release.Neural Plasticity.  2012:203536. 2012
2010 Activity-dependent release of endogenous BDNF from mossy fibers evokes a TRPC3 current and Ca2+ elevations in CA3 pyramidal neurons.Journal of Neurophysiology.  103:2846-2856. 2010
2009 The dynamics of excitatory synapse formation on dendritic spines.Cellscience.  5:19-25. 2009
2007 BDNF induces calcium elevations associated with IBDNF, a nonselective cationic current mediated by TRPC channels.Journal of Neurophysiology.  98:2476-2482. 2007
2007 TRPC3 channels are necessary for brain-derived neurotrophic factor to activate a nonselective cationic current and to induce dendritic spine formation.Journal of Neuroscience.  27:5179-5189. 2007
2007 Transient receptor potential channels as novel effectors of brain-derived neurotrophic factor signaling: potential implications for Rett syndrome.Pharmacology and Therapeutics.  113:394-409. 2007
2003 Expression of voltage-gated chloride channels in human glioma cells.Journal of Neuroscience.  23:5572-5582. 2003


Year Title Altmetric
2005 On the role of neurotrophins in dendritic calcium signaling implications for hippocampal transsynaptic plasticity.  185-200. 2005

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