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2019 Making Connections: Understanding How Screening, Triage, and Referral Processes Can Promote Veteran Housing Stability 2019
2019 Screening for Housing Instability: Providers’ Reflections on Addressing a Social Determinant of Health 2019
2019 Predictive modeling of housing instability and homelessness in the Veterans Health Administration 2019
2019 Applying the Housing First approach to single-site permanent supportive housing 2019
2019 Examining the risk factors and needs of veterans involuntarily doubling-up with family or friends 2019
2019 Housing instability characteristics among transgender veterans cared for in the Veterans Health Administration, 2013-2016 2019
2019 Journey to Home: development of a conceptual model to describe Vveterans’ experiences with resolving housing instability 2019
2019 Veterans' Assignment to Single-Site Versus Scattered- Site Permanent Supportive Housing 2019
2018 Costs Associated with Health Care Services Accessed through VA and in the Community through Medicare for Veterans Experiencing Homelessness 2018
2018 Barriers and facilitators to housing access and maintenance in HUD-VASH: Participant and staff perspectives 2018
2018 Recent Intimate Partner Violence and Housing Instability Among Women Veterans 2018
2018 The Intersection of Interpersonal Violence and Housing Instability: Perspectives From Women Veterans 2018
2017 Supporting Veterans' Transitions from Permanent Supportive Housing 2017
2017 Examining the bidirectional association between veteran homelessness and incarceration within the context of permanent supportive housing 2017
2017 Gender Differences in Factors Associated with Unsheltered Status and Increased Risk of Premature Mortality among Individuals Experiencing Homelessness 2017
2017 Intimate partner violence, unhealthy alcohol use, and housing instability among women veterans in the veterans health administration 2017
2017 The role of eviction in veterans’ homelessness recidivism 2017
2017 Factors contributing to eviction from permanent supportive housing: Lessons from HUD-VASH 2017
2017 Childhood adversity, adult homelessness and the intergenerational transmission of risk: a population-representative study of individuals in households with children 2017
2017 Comparing the Utilization and Cost of Health Services between Veterans Experiencing Brief and Ongoing Episodes of Housing Instability 2017
2017 Needles in a Haystack: Screening and Healthcare System Evidence for Homelessness 2017
2017 Persistent Super-Utilization of Acute Care Services among Subgroups of Veterans Experiencing Homelessness 2017
2017 Risk of suicide among veterans with traumatic brain injury experiencing homelessness 2017
2017 Rurality or distance to care and the risk of homelessness among Afghanistan and Iraq veterans 2017
2016 Homelessness, unsheltered status, and risk factors for mortality: Findings from the 100 000 homes campaign 2016
2016 Factors associated with veterans' access to permanent supportive housing 2016
2016 Characteristics and likelihood of ongoing homelessness among unsheltered veterans 2016
2016 Services Receipt Following Veteran Outpatients' Positive Screen for Homelessness 2016
2016 Unsheltered Homelessness Among Veterans: Correlates and Profiles 2016
2016 Veteran returns to homelessness following exits from permanent supportive housing: Health and supportive services use proximal to exit 2016
2015 Impact of community investment in safety net services on rates of unsheltered homelessness among veterans 2015
2015 Screening for homelessness among individuals initiating medication-assisted treatment for opioid use disorder in the veterans health administration 2015
2015 Screening for homelessness in the veterans health administration: Monitoring housing stability through repeat screening 2015
2015 Disparities in housing status among veterans with general medical, cognitive, and behavioral health conditions 2015
2015 Demographic Characteristics Associated with Homelessness and Risk Among Female and Male Veterans Accessing VHA Outpatient Care 2015
2015 Impact of community investment in safety net services on rates of unsheltered homelessness among Veterans 2015
2015 Services utilization among recently homeless veterans: A gender-based comparison 2015
2014 Development and validation of an instrument to assess imminent risk of homelessness among veterans 2014
2014 The relationship between community investment in permanent supportive housing and chronic homelessness 2014
2013 Challenges associated with screening for traumatic brain injury among US veterans seeking homeless services 2013
2013 Community-level characteristics associated with variation in rates of homelessness among families and single adults 2013
2013 Health services use among veterans using U.S. department of veterans affairs and mainstream homeless services 2013
2013 New perspectives on community-level determinants of homelessness 2013
2013 Relationship among adverse childhood experiences, history of active military service, and adult outcomes: Homelessness, mental health, and physical health 2013
2013 Universal screening for homelessness and risk for homelessness in the Veterans Health Administration 2013
2013 Homelessness Among Female Veterans: A Systematic Review of the Literature 2013
2013 Housing chronically homeless veterans: Evaluating the efficacy of a housing first approach to hud-vash 2013
2013 Rethinking homelessness prevention among persons with serious mental illness 2013
2012 Prevalence and risk of homelessness among US veterans 2012
2010 Using downloadable songs from apple iTunes as a novel incentive for college students participating in a web-based follow-up survey 2010
2009 Housing stability among homeless individuals with serious mental illness participating in housing first programs 2009
2007 Community-wide strategies for preventing homelessness: Recent evidence 2007


Year Title Altmetric
2018 An overview of homelessness in the United States 2018
2018 Unique considerations for homeless female veterans.  163-188. 2018

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