Selected Publications

Academic Article

Year Title Altmetric
2015 Partial trisomy 21: A fifty-year follow-up visit 2015
2014 T-DNA-induced chromosomal translocations in feronia and anxur2 mutants reveal implications for the mechanism of collapsed pollen due to chromosomal rearrangements 2014
2011 Clinically relevant single gene or intragenic deletions encompassing critical neurodevelopmental genes in patients with developmental delay, mental retardation, and/or autism spectrum disorders 2011
2009 Molecular cytogenetic characterization of two cases with constitutional distal 11q duplication/triplication 2009
2008 Distal 22q11.2 microduplication encompassing the BCR gene 2008
2007 A previously unrecognized microdeletion syndrome on chromosome 22 Band q11.2 encompassing the BCR Gene 2007
2007 Overlapping phenotype of Wolf-Hirschhorn and Beckwith-Wiedemann syndromes in a girl with der(4)t(4;11)(pter;pter) 2007
2006 Complete trisomy 17p syndrome in a girl with der(14)t(14;17)(p11.2;p11.2) 2006
2004 Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia: Is 15q26.1-26.2 a Candidate Locus? 2004
2004 Congenital diaphragmatic hernia: is 15q26.1-26.2 a candidate locus? 2004
2001 Prader-Willi syndrome due to maternal uniparental disomy of chromosome 15 in a boy with a balanced 3;21 translocation 2001
1998 Chromosome 18q paracentric inversion in a family with mental retardation and hearing loss 1998
1998 Prevalence of myeloperoxidase gene expression in infant acute lymphocytic leukemia 1998
1995 Paracentric inversions in humans: A review of 446 paracentric inversions with presentation of 120 new cases 1995
1992 Acute megakaryoblastic leukemia in infants with t(1;22)(p13;q13) abnormality 1992
1988 Aneuploidy and the fragile X syndrome 1988
1988 Regional assignment of six polymorphic DNA sequences on chromosome 21 by in situ hybridization to normal and rearranged chromosomes 1988
1985 An acute myeloproliferative disorder characterized by myelofibrosis and blast cells that express phenotypic properties associated with multiple hematopoietic lineages 1985
1984 Tetraploidy: A report of three live-born infants 1984
1984 Recombination between the fragile X and G6PD. 1984
1982 Linkage studies in carriers of Lowe oculo-cerebro-renal syndrome 1982
1981 Normal activity and electrophoretic mobility of erythrocyte glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase in males with X-linked mental retardation and the fragile Xq. 1981

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  • Doctor of Philosophy in Physiology, University of Alabama at Birmingham 1979
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  • Andrew Carroll